Line Of Duty Creator Goes Off On Journalist For Asking About Line Of Duty

by : Cameron Frew on : 04 Aug 2021 12:02
Line Of Duty Creator Goes Off On Journalist For Asking About Line Of DutyPA/BBC

Line of Duty creator Jed Mercurio didn’t take too kindly to being asked about Line of Duty in a new interview.

The BBC’s police drama is the UK’s most-watched show of the 21st century so far. With every season, more viewers are roped into AC-12’s exciting, twisty stories. We only care about one thing: catching bent coppers.


The arrival of the sixth and possibly final season earlier this year was hugely anticipated, with fans relishing every crumb of speculation about the identity of H. To say its reveal was controversial would be an understatement.

Line of Duty creator Jed Mercurio. (PA Images)PA Images

Alice Jones of iNews recently sat down for a chat with Mercurio about Sleeper, his new graphic novel about ‘a bionic law enforcement marshal called DS-5 on the planet Titan in the year 2381’.

Inevitably, the conversation turned towards the show which gave him fame – and the heated response to its finale. ‘You understand as a writer, that some people may like it, and some people may hate it, that just goes with the territory. For someone to say, ‘I hated the last episode of season six’ is something that can’t be challenged, because that’s their personal view,’ he said.

Line of Duty. (BBC)BBC

Mercurio doesn’t like people saying ‘everyone hated it’, having previously shared data from internal BBC research which supposedly showed the majority of 1,000 viewers to be happy with it. ‘Within that is a certain assumption of the quantitative reaction. And if there’s data which seeks to analyse quantitatively what the reaction was, then I think it’s worth adding to the debate,’ he explained.

The interview took a turn when Jones asked about the possibility of another season, something the cast have been openly warm towards. ‘It just feels like this is clickbait now,’ Mercurio replied.

When Jones defended the question, he reportedly shouted: ‘Feel free to generate some clickbait!’ At the end of the interview, he sarcastically added: ‘I really enjoyed the conversation. Have a good day!’

Line of Duty. (BBC)BBC

The screenwriter took aim at a viewer called Lorraine following the finale, who’d tweeted: ‘You should be ASHAMED. Using your cheap little show which built up everyone’s hopes in a time of CRISIS just to throw a dig at our GREAT Prime Minister without whom you wouldn’t be writing for the taxpayer.’

‘Lorraine is the result of what would happen if Jackie Laverty’s body parts were reassembled in the wrong order,’ he replied.

There’s still no confirmation on whether Line of Duty will return for a seventh season.


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