Littlefinger Vow Could Spell Disaster For Sansa In Game Of Thrones


In the great Game of Thrones, it is every man, woman, and child for themselves – or, at least, that is the approach Petyr Baelish has taken so far.

The cunning Protector of the Vale and social climber – AKA Littlefinger – has spun an intricate web of deception throughout his political career to protect his own interests.

That web could now prove very costly for the Starks of Winterfell, with fans now recalling a vow made to Cersei Lannister that he’d deliver security for their family’s reign in exchange for the north.

As reported by Refinery29, cast your mind back to season five episode six…


Still hardly pretending to mourn the death of his wife Lysa Arryn, Littlefinger returns to King’s Landing to meet with the Queen Mother.

Baelish divulges that he knows of Sansa’s whereabouts – who Cersei is blaming for the death of Joffrey.

Cersei, hellbent on revenge, says the king can issue a royal decree to name Littlefinger Warden of the north in exchange for the death of Sansa.


Baelish barely blinks before vowing to have the Lannister’s banner flying over Winterfell.


Cersei responds by demanding the eldest Stark daughter’s ‘head on a spike’.

So where does that leave us with the season six finale on the horizon?

Well, Baelish could be set to betray Sansa yet again to take the north for himself – or he could betray Cersei a second time. After all, it was he who joined the Tyrells in hatching the murder of Joffrey.

The only thing that is certain, is that Littlefinger is a conniving little shit who will base his allegiance on whoever has the most to offer, and that could prove deadly for Sansa…