Love Island Couple Forced To Decide Whether To Split Up And Stay Or Leave Together

Megan and Wes Love IslandITV2

One couple on Love Island are forced to decide between their relationship and their spot on the show in tonight’s explosive episode.

Yesterday’s (July 15) Love Island saw Charlie and Ellie voted out of the show, and while the contestants were probably sad to see their housemates leave, the other two couples in the danger zone were most likely just relieved.

Their relief didn’t last long however, and when last night’s episode ended with teasing clips of tonight’s show, fans were left wondering what Georgia was so ‘angry’ about this time. But now we know.

Tonight, the housemates who were ‘safe’ during the vote have to decide between them which of the two ‘unsafe’ couples they will choose to save.

But that’s not all.

Watch the big twist here:

Honestly, those poor contestants – yes, the ones in the beautiful Majorcan villa who are being paid to sunbathe and gossip – can’t catch a break.

The couple who aren’t chosen to stay then have a choice to make. They can remain in the villa, but only on one condition – they break up.

Alternatively, they have to leave the villa, while staying true to their partner.

The two couples who the other contestants will be deciding between are Megan and Wes, and Georgia and Sam.

Georgia Steel - Love IslandITV

This causes quite the sticky situation for the islanders, as Megan and Wes are now officially girlfriend and boyfriend, so it would be quite a big deal for the pair to break up just so they can stay on the show.

Although, it would teach us a lot about their love versus money priorities – and Megan did initially give up on Wes when he left to go to Casa Amor.

Georgia and Sam, on the other hand, are not officially girlfriend and boyfriend, but as we all know, Georgia is so loyal that she wouldn’t possibly break up with Sam just to remain on the show, would she?

I have a sneaking suspicion she’ll be regretting emphasising her loyal nature when it comes to making this decision.

Last night’s preview of tonight’s episode showed Georgia getting very angry, so I think it’s safe to say this new twist hasn’t gone down very well with her.

If whichever couple isn’t chosen by their fellow islanders decide to break up and stay, they’ll each have two new potential partners to choose from, as four new contestants are set to join the show in tonight’s episode.

The Islanders entering tonight are called Stephanie, Paul, (new) Josh, and (new) Laura.

The Love Island producers should start choosing contestants with different names to the ones already in there, it really makes writing about the cast a challenge.

We could potentially have Georgia and Josh round two – if new Josh manages to stay ‘loyal’ to her, that is, unlike old Josh who fell head over heels for Kaz at Casa Amor.

Honestly, I just can’t wait to see what happens in tonight’s episode. Georgia’s loyalties might be well and truly tested.

Love Island continues tonight on ITV2 at 9pm.

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