Love Island Fans Can’t Believe How Old Adam Collard Is

by : Emily Brown on : 05 Jun 2018 19:27
adam collard itv2 love islandadam collard itv2 love islandITV2

Yes, Love Island is back, haven’t you heard? The first episode of the show aired on Monday night, and as we learn more about this year’s contestants, fans can’t quite get their heads around how old one of the boys is.


Love Island made its almighty return to our screens last night (June 4) on ITV2, and after the success of last year’s series, 2018 has a lot to live up to.

Monday’s show saw us getting to know this year’s set of Islanders, who all, no matter what age they are, excel at looking good in their swimming attire.

Camilla and Jonny on a date in Love IslandCamilla and Jonny on a date in Love IslandITV2

One of the boys on the show, however, caused quite a stir when he revealed his age last night.

Adam Collard was tasked with being the destroyer of love on the show, as he entered the villa after all the couples had already been paired up.

Adam had the challenge of stealing one of the girls from their new-found love interest.

The personal trainer was trying to win over the ladies in the house when he made the revelation that has baffled viewers ever since.

Adam revealed he was only 22-years-old, and the minds of those watching across the country were simultaneously blown.

Viewers refused to believe the news, and tweeted their comments.


One viewer wrote:

The only way Adam is 22 is if he was born on a leap year

Another added:

Did I hear right? Adam is 22? The kid looks mid 30’s

While it caused quite a stir initially, I’m sure his age won’t be the topic of discussion for long as the show starts to pick up. There’s got to be some more revelations at some point in the next eight weeks, right?

The series opened last night, and alongside Adam welcomed 10 other contestants to the villa. The stars this year are Samira Mighty, Kendall Rae-Knight, Hayley Hughes, Laura Anderson, Dani Dyer, Niall Aslam, Eyal Booker, Adam Collard, Jack Fincham, Wes Nelson and Dr. Alex George.

People have been posting their more general first impressions following the opening of the series last night.


Ryan Phillips wrote:

First impressions

Laura = Desperate Skeletor

Dani = Girl next door

Samira = Trying too hard

Kendall = Needs a sandwich

Hayley = Special needs

Eyal = Space cadet

Niall = Lad

Alex = Dr Boring

Adam = Drax from Guardians

Jack = Aldi Mark Wright

Wes = Non league Dele Alli

Viewers were also making guesses at what drama the age-defying newcomer Adam would bring to the show.

Viewers were left wondering about any couple-related developments last night as the show ended on a cliffhanger, but never fear, Love Island will be back tonight to delve further into the lives of this year’s contestants.

With eight long weeks of Love Islanding ahead of us, there’s definitely going to be some more confusing, shocking and enjoyable moments to come, and I don’t doubt that the whole world will hear about it one way or another.

This is Love Island we’re talking about. It’s unavoidable.

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