Love Island Fans Convinced Laura’s Lying About Real Age After Photo Emerges

by : Emily Brown on : 11 Jun 2018 20:28
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We’re one week into 2018’s Love Island, and already the contestants have caused an outstanding amount of gossip.


The latest rumour up for debate involves the real age of contestant Laura Anderson.

‘How old are you?’ appears to become a loaded question once you pass the age of about 30, with people attempting to laugh it off and avoid the question at all costs. In some cases, people even go as far as lying about their age.

Usually, you probably wouldn’t press the issue, just letting the person in question live happily in denial.


Unfortunately, as Love Island’s Laura experienced, if you do this on a reality TV show it seems people will strive to find the truth and uncover every bit of dirt on you they can.

On the show, Laura said she was 29. However, some fans have been doing some serious insta-stalking, and came across a photo from 2 years ago which might suggest otherwise.

The photo shows pictures of balloons and a banner with ’30’ on them, and Laura captioned the photo ‘thank you for our cards Le meridien’.

Assuming the photo refers to herself, this would now make Laura 32.

Love Island viewers have taken to Twitter to share their research and thoughts on Laura’s possible lies. 


In order to put an end to this particular set of rumours, the Daily Mail managed to get their hands on Laura’s birth certificate, revealing her real age.

Obtained from the Register of Births in Scotland, the birth certificate proves that Laura is in fact…

Drumroll please… 29 years of age.

Laura was born in April 1989, so it turns out she wasn’t lying, and she is still cool with telling people her real age.

So what of the mysterious ’30’ Instagram post?

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Well it seems that when the picture was taken, Laura was having a joint birthday celebration with her ex-boyfriend Mike Poole, a Welsh rugby player who just so happens to share the same birthday as the Love Island star.

Some fans who really put Instagram‘s zoom feature to use also pointed out the cake in the picture has a flaming ’27’ on it, reinforcing the theory there was a joint celebration, possibly where the cake was Laura’s, while the banners and balloons belonged to her boyfriend.


Her current love interest on the show is 20-year-old Wes Nelson, a decision which has also received some critiques from viewers.

Despite the age gap, Laura and Wes appear to be on the same page with their relationship goals, both have suggested they’re on the hunt for ‘the one’.

Of course, with Love Island being Love Island, the peace and harmony didn’t last long, as the couple later fell out as Wes got caught up in an argument that another couple, Hayley and Eyal, were having.

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Laura wasn’t impressed with Wes for getting involved, and fell out with him, saying:

It’s pathetic. It’s got nothing to do with us. I just don’t think you should have done that. I don’t want to fall out with you, but you’re making it very difficult.

Only time will tell if Laura and Wes will make it through their rough patch, but with 7 weeks left in the Love Island villa, there’s plenty of time to make up.

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