Love Island ‘Goes Into Meltdown’ As Girls Have To Be Separated During Fight

by : Charlie Cocksedge on : 06 Jul 2018 09:44
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After last night’s (July 5) shock exit for some of the islanders, it seems the drama is only just beginning.


At the end of last night’s episode, four contestants were sent packing after the bottom three couples faced a nerve-wracking decision which was out of their hands.

Instead, it was in the hands of Georgia and Wes who, as the only single people in the villa, had to choose one person each to couple up with and save from eviction.

In the end, Adam, Alex, Darylle and Ellie were sent home.


However, it’s definitely only the start of the drama, as the contestants they saved – Megan and Sam – will have to readjust after being separated from their respective partners.

And while you might think Megan might be used to switching things up by now, a preview of tonight’s episode has revealed things really kick off after the rearrangement, according to the Mirror.

Obviously bitter after Wes saves Megan, ‘spectacle wearer of the year’, Alex tells Megan how Laura thinks Wes, (stay with me…), deserves better than her. Naturally (or because one of the show’s producers told her to), Megan decides to confront Laura about it.

As Megan kicks things off with ‘Why act like my friend to my face…’ Laura quickly interjects, saying:

Why act like my friend and try and get with the guy that I’m seeing. Don’t f*cking double-standard me.

Megan and Wes seem to be morphing into the new Ross and Rachel, but only in the ‘on and off’ sense, not in a ‘will they won’t they’ way – I’m going to go out on a limb and say they won’t. I don’t know why, but something tells me Megan isn’t going to settle down with anyone any time soon…

Megan and Wes’ relationship history is already pretty colourful, as the glamour model became a bit of a social pariah after stealing Wes away from Laura.


While Megan trumped Laura in the battle for Wes, she later admitted she was having second thoughts.

Speaking to the girl’s about her actions, Megan stated:

I’m not going to lie, I’m really not feeling confident right now. The fact that it’s so fresh between us and there is no loyalties there.

He’s just taken a massive leap of faith leaving Laura. If there’s a girl that he’s better suited with there’s nothing I can do.

It wasn’t long, then, that Megan switched her loyalties and set her sights on new boy Alex while Wes was away in Casa Amour.

But, after saving her in last night’s episode, Wes looks to be in Megan’s favour again. Only time will tell how long it lasts though…

Elsewhere in the episode, the fall out doesn’t stop there.

After saving Sam, Georgia gets into a huge argument with Ellie, telling her to ‘f*cking pipe down’. And as the pair continue to shout and confront one another, the boys are forced to intervene.

It’s kicking off!

Love Island will be on ITV2 tonight from 9pm.


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