Love Island Stars ‘Banned For Life’ After Flashing Nipples At Horse Race


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In news that proves Love Island and its ‘stars’ are a terrible excuse for TV, two of the show’s contestants have been given a lifetime ban after flashing their nipples at a horse race.

Jessica Hayes and Katie Salmon decided to flash their boobs at the Cheltenham races in March, and now the British Horseracing Authority has branded their behaviour ‘unacceptable, offensive and detrimental to the good reputation of the sport’.

According to The Sun, the pair have both been sent an official letter saying they showed a ‘lack of remorse’, and added: “It is appropriate for the protection of racing that a strong message is sent that anti-social behaviour of this kind at racecourses will be firmly dealt with.”

NSFW warning: Nipples ahead.

Hayes, who was the show’s 2015 winner, and Salmon, who appeared in the latest series, had apparently failed to reply to an earlier letter, and then showed their boobs again at a nightclub just days after the Cheltenham incident. Classy.

But Salmon seems to not be phased by the whole thing:

I think a lot of people would want to go to the races, actually.

At the same event, apparently MK Dons footballer Samir Carruthers and his friends were caught urinating into a glass before a friend was caught throwing the contents over the balcony. They were banned too.

We should all probably stop flashing at the races or there’ll be no one left to actually go.