Love Island Voting Figures Reveal Jack And Dani Won By Absolutely Huge Margin


Love Island 2018 winners Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham beat their fellow contestants by a huge number of votes, figures revealed. 

The Love Island final aired last night (July 30), with four couples left in the mix. Megan and Wes, Jack and Dani, Josh and Kaz, and Laura and Paul all made it into the final episode, but Jack and Dani were crowned the winners.

The pair coupled up with each other right from the very start of the show, and were the only couple in the final to have stayed with their original choices throughout the entire series.

Fans loved Dani and Jack for their commitment to each other, for Dani’s down-to-earth nature and for Jack’s appreciated lack of abs.

For these reasons, as well as probably many others, the two gained the majority of the public’s votes ahead of the final.

While it has always been suspected that the couple would take the crown in the series, the Mirror report that Dani and Jack won a massive 79.66 per cent of last night’s vital vote.

Dani and Jack Love IslandITV2

The couple were the first in the series to become boyfriend and girlfriend and say ‘I love you’ to each other, and both Dani and Jack individually even slept outside when they were put in different villas, proving their dedication.

Their actions won the hearts of the general public, and the voting numbers proved that we’re all too happy to support a good love story.

While a lot of people were surprised at Laura and Paul’s second place position, the couple still fell massively short of Jack and Dani’s success, pulling in just 8.43 per cent of the votes.

Kaz and Josh, who came third in the competition, had 6.05 per cent of the vote, and Megan and Wes finished fourth with 5.86 per cent.

After Jack and Dani were announced the winners of the series, they were given one final test. Host Caroline Flack offered each member of the couple an envelope – one of which contained the cash prize of £50,000.

Pen salesman Jack had the winning envelope, but confirmed voters had made the right decision by choosing to share the money with girlfriend Dani.

The winners are planning on moving in together after the show, so their new bulging bank accounts could be put to good use and see them out on the property ladder together.

If they do spend the money that way, I’m sure a lot of Jani-voters will smugly boast about how they helped Jack and Dani afford their house.

The couple made history on Love Island by being the first to win the series without having sex in the villa – but during their final interview with Caroline, they mentioned that the deed would be one of the first things on their to-do list after leaving the villa.

Jack and Dani win Love IslandITV2

Hopefully the couple will continue to encourage the public’s faith in them outside the villa. Only time will tell, but we’ll get a bit of an insight from the wrap party episode later this week.

The wrap party will see all of the contestants from this year’s series – even the ones who only lasted for a few days – gather together back in the UK for one more night of drama and gossip.

If the events of the last eight weeks are anything to go by, it’s sure to be a fun episode.

The Love Island reunion episode will air on Sunday, August 5 at 9pm on ITV2.

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