Love Island 2019’s Official Cast Announced

Love Island 2019ITV

Cancel any plans you had for the next few months because Love Island is back, and the official line up is finally here.

The new cast, who let’s face it, are set to become our new obsession for the next six months (at least), includes a scientist, an engineer, a chef, a dancer, a surfer and more. With five girls and seven boys, it’s going to be an interesting start… until a host of new faces start piling in.

Let’s take a look at who ITV has in store for us…

Yewande Biala, 23, from Ireland, is a scientist.

Love Island 2019ITV

Her celebrity crush is Anthony Joshua and she describes herself as easy to get along with, as well as being funny and caring. Interestingly, she’s all about ‘girl code’ and says she’s not into stealing other girls’ fellas. Has anyone ever explained to her how this show works?

Lucie Donlan, 21, from Newquay is a surfer.

Love Island 2019ITV

Unlike Yewande, Lucy isn’t a ‘girly girl’ and says she feels more comfortable around the boys, which is bound to go down a treat with girls in the villa. She wants someone sport and says her claim to fame was once speaking to Joey Essex on Instagram.

Amber Gill, 21, from Newcastle is a beauty therapist.

Love Island 2019ITV

Her celeb crush is Tom Hardy and her type on paper is tall and athletic guys. But when it comes to finding man, she doesn’t want anyone who takes themselves too seriously.

Amy Hart, 26 from Worthing, Sussex is an air hostess/cabin crew manager.

Love Island 2019ITV

Amy is not about ‘time wasting’ and she says it’s all or nothing with her. Her ‘weird’ celebrity crushes include Simon Cowell and David Walliams. Each to their own…

Anna Vakili, 28 from London is a pharmacist.

Love Island 2019ITV

She’s no stranger to former Islanders as she previously fell in front of Kem Cetinay and his ‘hot cousin’ in Dubai. Although she says she’d have the decency to talk to the girls first before stealing their man, she says she’s ‘there for love at the end of the day, not girls.’ Fair play.

Anton Danyluk, 24 from Scotland owns a gym.

Love Island 2019ITV

He sees Love Island as a challenge because of his wandering eye, which he refers to as a ‘medical condition.’ He wants a hardworking woman and says he isn’t bothered about whether he’s driving a Corsa or a Porsche.

Tommy Fury, 20 from Manchester is a boxer.

Love Island 2019ITV

Looks a little familiar? Yep, that’s because he’s Tyson Fury’s younger brother and he’s a boxer too. But, he doesn’t want to be known as ‘Tyson’s little brother’ and wants to make a name for himself in his own right. Tommy says he’s ‘a loyal guy down to the roots’ and would never cheat.

Joe Garratt, 22 from London is a catering company owner.

Love Island 2019ITV

He’s always making jokes and never takes himself too seriously, are you listening, Amber? He’ll do whatever it takes to get his girl because ‘all is fair in love and war.’

Michael Griffiths, 22 from Liverpool is a firefighter.

Love Island 2019ITV

He calls himself old fashioned and is turned off by people who smell, charming. Michael prefers to meet people face to face and is into ‘straight talking’ which he says is a blessing and a curse.

Sherif Lanre, 20 from London is a chef and semi-pro rugby player.

Love Island 2019ITV

He isn’t into girls who ‘love being in the spotlight because that’s not really what I actually want for myself’. Can someone explain to Sherif how Love Island actually works?

Callum Macleod, 28 from South Wales is an aircraft engineer.

Love Island 2019ITV

He says he’s loyal to the core and would never cheat, and is looking to meet the love of his life face to face, instead of over an app. Will he make his own fairytale ending?

Curtis Pritchard, 23 from Shropshire is a ballroom and Latin dancer.

Love Island 2019ITV

Professional dancer Curtis is the younger brother of Strictly’s AJ Pritchard and he promises to be loyal ‘from now on.’ Hinting at a naughty past, perhaps?

Love Island launches on Monday June 3, and we can barely contain ourselves.

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