Love Island’s Jack Asks Dani To Be His Girlfriend

by : UNILAD on : 24 Jun 2018 15:30
Dani being asked to be Jack's girlfriendDani being asked to be Jack's girlfriendITV

An exciting sneak-preview of tonight’s Love Island episode shows Jack plucking up the courage to ask Dani to be his girlfriend.


This move has been on the cards for the fan favourite couple for a while, and in scenes off camera, Dani admits Jack will never have top spot in her affections as dad Danny always comes first.

The heart-warming moment in the beach hut sees Jack explaining that he doesn’t just want to date barmaid Dani for six months, but wants their relationships to go the distance.

The clip also shows Jack confiding in Adam and Eyal that he wants to make Dani his girlfriend, but has doubts about making the big step and introducing labels in case it jeopardises what they already have.


Pouring his heart out to the boys, Jack said:

Basically I wanted to speak to you two because I’ll be honest with you, I really feel like I want Dani to be my girlfriend. I do.

I just feel like I’ve got to that stage now where I do want to leave here with her. I feel like I want that to happen. But sometimes when you put a label on it, it can ruin things can’t it? That’s what I’m worried about.

The next girl I want to be my girlfriend, I don’t want it to be for six months or a year. I’ve done all that now, it’s boring. The next person I want to go with, I want to make them happy and I want to be with them so it’s a big, massive decision. Not for me, I know how I feel but for her, do you know what I mean?

It’s so nerve wracking because where we’ve got something so good now. We’ve got something so good now. I want to speak to her, just have a chat with her about feelings. And then if it feels right, I’ll ask her.

Previously, Jack has expressed the depth of his feelings to Dani, saying:

You mean more to me now. Before I knew I really liked you, but this time it’s different. I told you, I’ve really got feelings for you. Honestly, I meant it. I mean it. I really do feel like it’s the start of something with us two. Yeah, I do.

It’s weird how I’ve got to this stage where I’m even thinking about wanting to meet your mum and dad and making a good impression. You are their daughter and I want them to like me because I’ll be spending loads of time with you. So I want them to go ‘he’s alright’.

Dani and Jack kissing on Love IslandDani and Jack kissing on Love IslandITV

Daddy’s girl Dani was quick to think of what her dad Danny Dyer would think, saying ‘My dad’s got my first place in my heart. And Jack can have the second’.

It’s a beautiful love story but it could be shaken up soon as Jack’s’ ex-girlfriend could enter the Love Island villa.


Sources claim pen salesman Jack’s 22-year-old ex-girlfriend Keeley MacGuire will arrive at the villa in the next few days which could cause chaos.

Insiders revealed to the Daily Star Keeley unsuccessfully applied for the hit show this year but the comfortable coupling of her ex-boyfriend Jack with Dani has made them rethink their decision.

Jack and Dani on Love IslandJack and Dani on Love IslandITV

Reportedly quitting her office job on Thursday (June 21), Keeley is currently being lined up to fly to Mallorca although a Love Island spokesman said ‘any names at this point are pure speculation’.

Jack and Dani are currently the favourites to win the show, but admitting to having cheated on both his exes, if Keeley does enter the villa damage may be done.

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