Love Island’s Jess And Dom Destroyed After Getting Married On Live TV


In news which will make you want to stop the world and get off, Jess and Dom from Love Island got married on live TV today.

Watching the video of the two saying their vows in front of the cameras serves as a potent reminder of where we are as a species and a society.

We’ve truly reached the lowest point of our collective lives when we realise this is the stuff which is broadcast on morning television.

ITV/Good Morning Britain

The wedding is a damning indictment on love in the modern age and the never-ending coverage of reality TV, but thankfully, people are having none of it.

The footage of the happy couple has circulated around the internet and people are rightly outraged at the scantily clad duo saying their nuptials.

The couple were congratulated by Jeremy Kyle and Kate Garraway, but honestly the whole thing feels like a weird nightmare sequence in a strange film.

Check it out below – if you can stomach it:

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Viewers of the surrealist scene have labelled the stunt ‘the cringiest thing ever seen on telly’.

Some have called the stunt ‘a low point for 2018’, and some have even called it ‘desperate’.

Of course, viewers took to Twitter to give their opinions:

Even fellow Love Island stars are ripping into the couple for their choice to get hitched on live TV.

Alex Bowen and Olivia Buckland mocked the two for the stunt, saying they were ‘surprised’ it didn’t happen on Jeremy Kyle.

Alex told The Sun Online:

It was quite classy for them; we thought they’d do it on Jeremy Kyle, but best of luck to the happy couple.

Maybe they’ll honeymoon on the Isle of Fernandos?

However Jess did later post a tweet to reveal the real thing would be happening in October and this ‘stunt’ was seemingly a joke:

So many people getting their knickers in a twist this morning about mine and @_DomLever Valentines Wedding on @GMB We had such a laugh and can’t wait for the REAL wedding now in October.

It was followed by the hashtag: ‘learn to take a joke kids’. Okay.

Welcome to 2018, it’s hell here. You’re going to love it.