Love Island’s Tom Was Toilet Model For B&Q

by : UNILAD on : 28 Jun 2019 16:01
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Breaking news – a guy who’s on TV had a different job before he was on TV.

Yep, it turns out that before last night’s (spoiler alert!) unceremonious and explosive dumping, Love Island‘s Tom Walker was no stranger to explosive dumping, having posed alongside a range of toilets before entering the villa. Who knew not all modelling takes place on the catwalk, and people sometimes have more than one job?


Tom’s moonlighting was exposed by the UK’s ‘leading home improvement and garden living retailer’ B&Q, who have timed the release of their new range of toilets perfectly, as little did they know when they took the photos, but they’ve now got a bona fide reality TV star modeling for them.

The home improvement store shared the photo on social media, saying:

We don’t want to see #LoveIsland Tom’s chances of finding love go down the toilet, so we’re keeping everything crossed for him for tonight’s episode. P.s. thanks Tom for making our forthcoming range of toilet mechanisms look 100% our type on paper!


Naturally, the good folk on the internet had a fair few things to say about Tom’s skills as a model, plumber, model plumber, and his time on Love Island.

Picking up on the important things, one person wrote:

Symphony kit goes in first before you fit it against wall totally manufactured shot


While another replied:

Where’s that waste pipe going ? There’s a distinct lack of hole in the wall?! Blokes as clueless at plumbing as he is at love… no bathroom is safe from Tom

Another DIY-minded dude said: ‘Why does he have a flush pipe for a close coupled cistern?’


You see, close coupled cisterns don’t actually need flush pipes, and yet it seems Tom is about to try and fit one on the toilet he is kneeling beside. I know! Rookie mistake m8.

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The toilet model (hey, enough jokes yeah? At least he’s got a career to fall back on), was voted off the island life last night, June 27, after his future in the villa was left in the hands of Molly-Mae, Amber and Lucie.

The choice was between our plumber Tom or Danny, and the ladies ultimately picked Tom.


You could say his Love Island dreams have been flushed away, he’s gone down the drain, he wasn’t a match on toilet paper, his time in the villa was poopooed, you can’t polish a turd etc. etc. You get the idea.

Chin up, Tom.

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