Luther Star Alice Morgan ‘Back With A Vengeance’ In New Series


Warning: this article contains potential spoilers for those who are not up to date with Luther.


Alice Morgan confused all Luther fans by managing to be both captivating and psychopathic, in equal parts.

From her very first appearance, we weren’t sure whether we were supposed to love the murderous research scientist, or fear her.

Was it even remotely normal or healthy to root for the power hungry narcissist to realise there is indeed love in the world, with committed and handsome DCI John Luther?

One thing which is certain – Alice is coming back… And with all the drama you’d expect, from one who takes pride in having slaughtered their parents before stuffing the weapon inside the family dog.


Ruth Wilson, who plays the nihilistic redhead, has dropped some major hints to The Independent regarding her hotly anticipated return.

36-year-old Wilson teased the publication while promoting her new movie Dark River:

She [Alice] is in it [Luther], It’s not what you expect.

She’s definitely back for a bit. [Alice is] back with a vengeance.

It appears Alice will most certainly be back for more than just a cameo appearance, bringing yet more chaos in her wake no doubt!

Let’s just remind ourselves why we ship Luther and Alice so hard with the following clip:

[ooyala player_id=”5df2ff5a35d24237905833bd032cd5d8″ auto=”true” width=”1280″ height=”720″ pcode=”twa2oyOnjiGwU8-cvdRQbrVTiR2l” code=”FjZGE1ZTE6YgumlyGqv-Df2ato91-a-q”]

Dismayed viewers had been led to believe Alice died in Belgium, however hope was never quite lost.

Filming for season five commenced in London, early January, with some very telling pictures having already emerged, showing Alice brandishing a gun.

However, many originally believed this alarming scene could have just been a figment of Luther’s troubled imagination, or perhaps even a flashback?

Now it seems we could be getting much more Alice action than first expected…

For now, we know little about what season five has in store for us.

Yet there does appear to be a very specific focus on Luther’s ghosts coming back to haunt him; which would fit in well with the resurrection of the flame haired villainess.

According to an official Luther press release:

As a series of monstrous killings becomes ever more audacious, Luther and new recruit D.S. Catherine Halliday are confounded by a tangle of leads and misdirection that seems designed to protect an unspeakable horror.

But even as the case brings him closer than ever to the nature of true evil, a reluctant Luther must also face the ghosts of his own past.

Striding back into the line of fire, he must choose who to protect… and who to sacrifice.

Whatever his next move, it will have devastating consequences for those around him — and change John Luther forever.


Despite her unusually creepy world view and apparent ‘death,’ Alice is a phenomenally popular character; with legions of fans crying out for her glorious return.

One person tweeted: ‘imagine thinking Alice Morgan wasn’t the best thing that happened to Luther I miss my sweet psychopath princess.’

Another demanded:

Bring back my smart, sinister, sexy Alice Morgan.

Four new episodes of the dark crime drama are expected to hit our screens in early 2019.

Hopefully Alice’s return will make it worth the wait…