Lads Recreate Dumb And Dumber Mini Motorbike Road Trip

by : Emily Brown on : 17 Jul 2021 13:56
Mad Lads Recreate Dumb And Dumber Mini Motorbike Road TripRevZilla/New Line Cinema

Two men dealt with multiple police encounters, windburn and hours of uncomfortable vibrating as they recreated the iconic mini-motorbike trip from Dumb and Dumber. 

Fans of the beloved 1994 film will no doubt be more than familiar with seeing Lloyd Christmas career down the road towards Harry Dunn on his ridiculously small bike; a scene that kicks off their journey from Nebraska to Aspen, Colorado.


Though seeing two grown men attempt to travel hundreds of miles on such a small vehicle makes for a great comedy scene, it’s probably an experience most people could happily live without. Unless you just so happen to be Ari Henning or Zack Courts, that is.

Men recreated bike trip from Dumb and Dumber (RevZilla/YouTube)RevZilla/YouTube

The two members of the Common Tread XP team took it upon themselves to try and recreate Lloyd and Harry’s journey, bike and all, and set off on the venture in mid-April.

In a post shared on RevZilla, Zack recalled how he and Ari created ‘as exact a replica as [they] could’ to the vehicle in Dumb and Dumber; a bike which vibrated so much it made Ari’s back itch ‘like he had laid in poison ivy.’


Considering it doesn’t look like the most stable of creations at a standstill, it’s no surprise that the ‘whole chassis shuddered every time the five-inch wheels hit a ripple in the road’, but still the pair powered on, climbing into the Rocky Mountains, past the Illinois River and through Cottonwood Pass before descending into the valley that holds Aspen.

Check out their journey below:

Despite a couple of run-ins with concerned police officers, the pair were able to successfully complete their journey after 382 miles and seven gallons of petrol.


Upon completing the journey, Zack admitted that ‘none’ of what they learned matters, but the venture allowed them to explore a ‘fun rabbit hole’ and ‘take solace in the closure that comes along with finally answering [their] question of what it would take to complete the trip.’

Though I’m sure the pair had some fun on their trip, I think I’ll leave the cross-country, mini-motorbike trips to Harry and Lloyd!

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