Made In Chelsea Star Slammed Over ‘Disgusting’ Photo

Louise Thompson/Made In Chelsea

Made In Chelsea’s Louise Thompson has created some serious uproar because of a recent photo she posted on social media.

The 27-year-old appears to be on location in the French Alps, judging by the recent cringey couple photos she has been uploading, featuring boyfriend Ryan Libbey.

Without further ado, here’s the photo in question – and no, it’s not the fact she’s wearing heels in the snow, it’s something to do with the coat…

The BEST snow shoes *only a little impractical* but I lurrrrve dem! ? @egoofficial

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That’s right, fur. Now, Louise hasn’t actually said it’s real fur, she’s not said it’s fake, either. But people are offended.

One fan commented:

Real fur is so unnecessarily cruel and it’s so vile and disappointing that you’re wearing and promoting it. You can easily keep warm without fur, please stop and think about the amount of pain and violence that’s gone into what you’re wearing.

And another said: ‘Disgusting that you’re promoting real fur. Especially that you haven’t tagged the designer – clearly a guilty conscience.’

One more comment? Go on then, somebody added: ‘Only ugly people wear fur. Wear your own skin.’

Louise regularly posts on Instagram and in this latest series of photos, it’s not the first time there’s been a hint of ‘fur’.

This isn’t the only fur-related-reality-TV-news of the day either, according to reports, Pamela Anderson said she’d feature on an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians on ‘one condition’.

The highly popular E! reality TV show which centres around the Kardashian family want to show recent footage of Kim and Pamela at the Vivienne Westwood store in New York.

And if you know anything about Pamela, you’ll probably have already guessed what her ‘condition’ is.


Yep, the animal and environmental activist wants the family to stop wearing fur, TMZ reports.

A representative from Bunim-Murray, the production company behind the show, said they sent Pamela’s team a release form to get the all-clear.

They all presumed it would be ok due to the fact Pamela and the Kardashians are good friends, so it seemed like ‘no big deal’. But sources said her team wrote back to say Pamela won’t sign an agreement ‘unless the Kardashians give up fur’.

Pamela has since retweeted the TMZ article which could well mean it’s accurate.

This won’t be news to the Kardashian clan because the former Baywatch star reportedly gave Kim a faux fur coat in an attempt to get her on board with the faux revolution.


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There has been a lot of controversy surrounding fur sales in the UK after some major retailers in the country were exposed for selling real fur despite advertising it as ‘faux fur’ on their websites and in clothing labels.

Some of those in question included online retailer, Boohoo, Amazon, TK Maxx, and Groupon who were found to be selling real fur products, advertised as fake.

The investigation was carried out by the charity Humane Society International and Sky News revealed customers had unknowingly been buying animal products.

Let’s hope things change on that front after the exposure.