Mahershala Ali Confirmed As ‘True Detective’ Season 3 Star

by : UNILAD on : 27 Jun 2017 17:42
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When the first season of True Detective hit our screens, everybody was blown away with how amazing it was.


The writing was absolutely incredible, the cast superb, direction was on-point. It cemented the ‘Golden Age’ of TV for everyone.

Fast forward one year, and audiences were foaming at the mouth to get season two into their eyeballs.

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And oh what a disappointment it was.


From a cast very nearly as good as the first and a story that sounded potentially very intriguing, came one of the dullest shows of the past few years.

Fast forward two more years, and here we are, talking about season three.

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Specifically, as reported by Time, people are talking about the confirmation that Mahershala Ali is set to star in the latest in the anthology series.

The Oscar-winner will no doubt have his pick of roles since his Academy success this year, as well as his critically acclaimed turns in both House of Cards and Luke Cage.

This makes it all the more promising that he has chosen to star in the cult crime show.

HBO president of programming Casey Bloys revealed at the Television Critics Association has read scripts from five of the episodes.

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He said:

They are terrific. … I was very impressed and excited. We are talking to directors, and when we have a director we want to hire, it will be a go.

Judging by the confidence that is coming from the people involved and the in-demand star, this could turn out to be pretty epic.

Obviously this might not turn out very well but it seems like this might be cause for cautious optimism.

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Let’s just hope that True Detective writer Nic Pizzolatto has had the time and space to write to his high standard.

Still, part of me just wishes it was the original cast.

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