Maisie Williams Drops Another Huge Game Of Thrones Spoiler


WARNING: Game Of Thrones spoilers ahead!

Only a few months ago, Maisie Williams (aka. Arya Stark) broke all our hearts when she confirmed that fan favourite Jon Snow was dead, and now she’s revealed more of the character’s fate.

Vanity Fair report that while talking at the London Critics’ Circle Awards 2016, Williams confirmed that Snow will be returning to Game of Thrones, but there’s going to be a twist.

Williams told reporters:

There’s a great twist, but I can’t say that he’s going to be alive.


So how can poor Jon Snow appear after he was tragically stabbed by the other members of the Night’s Watch? And what does Williams mean by not going to be alive?

Well, let’s be honest, Jon Snow is coming back. Kit Harrington’s been spotted with those trademark Jon Snow curls around Belfast, where they film Game of Thrones, so we can probably say that he’ll still look the same and won’t be ‘warging’ into his dire wolf ‘Ghost’ like some predicted.

Most fans believe that Snow will end up being resurrected by ‘The Red Woman’, Melisandre, which seems the most likely answer to his small problem of being dead, although I quite like the idea of him being resurrected as a dreaded White Walker to lead The Crows.

In the interview, Maisie Williams also expressed her excitement about the upcoming Season 6.

She added:

I loved shooting this series, I think people are going to really enjoy it. Everything is now sort of wracking up and slotting into place for like, the finale, and I love that all the pieces are coming together.

That’s all fine, but we’re still tantalised by the mere mention of Jon’s survival and can’t wait to see what happens to everyone’s favourite bastard in season 6.