Man Debunking Movie Myths Explains How Dangerous Quicksand Really Is

by : Rhiannon Ingle on : 21 Sep 2021 16:56
Man Debunking Movie Myths Explains How Dangerous Quicksand Really IsAndy Jiang/TikTok/Alamy

A man has debunked a whole load of movie myths, including the truth about how dangerous quicksand really is. 

The TikToker, Andy Jiang, uploaded the video with the caption, ‘Common myths that movies teach us’, starting the clip by saying, ‘Top 3 most ridiculous myths that we believe because of movies.’ The TikToker begins the rundown by debunking the way chloroform works.


‘In the movies, chloroform is like the ultimate weapon,’ Jiang explains, ‘Hold it against someone’s face and bam they’re knocked out’.

‘Unfortunately, in the real world, chloroform just isn’t that effective,’ he adds, ‘It normally takes around five minutes for someone to get knocked out, not just a few seconds.’


This brings Jiang to the second movie myth, explaining that pulling a grenade pin out with your teeth is a lot harder than the movies make it out to be.


‘While the movies might make it look super cool and easy, it’s not,’ he says.

Jiang continues, ‘Real-life grenade pins are designed to be extremely difficult to pull out and, if you try with your teeth, you’ll probably break your teeth.’

The TikToker finally arrives at the number one movie myth, that ‘quicksand equals death’.

Man Debunking Movie Myths Explains How Dangerous Quicksand Really Is (AlamyAlamy

‘If you watch a lot of movies, you probably think falling into quicksand is like a death sentence. In reality, quicksand is literally just mud mixed with water and sometimes clay,’ he explains.

He concludes the video with, ‘A pretty vast majority of quicksand just pulls you waist deep and doesn’t pull you any deeper, so yeah, it’s pretty harmless.’

Many people shared their reactions to the TikToker’s myth-busting. One user wrote, ‘When I was a kid, I thought quicksand was a lot more common than it actually is. I have never seen quicksand in my life.’

Another added, ‘My life is a lie,’ while a third commented, ‘Now a few of my childhood fears have been ruled out. Thank you.’


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