Martin Scorsese Will ‘De-Age’ Robert De Niro For Film Starring Leo Di Caprio And Al Pacino

by : Tom Percival on : 21 Dec 2016 16:02
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Martin Scorsese’s next project will use digital sorcery to ‘de-age’ Robert De Niro in his new film The Irishman.


The film will be based on real-life hit-man Frank Sheeran who killed 25 people during his career as a professional assassin and was also allegedly involved with the disappearance of union leader Jimmy Hoffa.

De Niro will be playing the titular Irishman Sheeran as both an elderly and young man thanks to the wonders of CGI, The Independent reports.

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Speaking to CinemaBlend producer Gaston Pavlovich said:


You don’t use prosthetics, make-up; they have acting and the technology is able to have them go through different time ages without the prosthetics.

So we’ve seen some tests and it looks extraordinary. We were able to film Bob and just do a scene. We saw it come down to when he was like 20, 40, 60, so we’re looking forward to that, from that point of view, for The Irishman.

Imagine seeing what De Niro looked like in The Godfather: Part II days, that’s pretty much how you’re going to see him again.

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De Niro is not the only actor to have a computer turn back the hands of time as both Sir Ian McKellen and Patrick Steward were made younger for X-Men: The Last Stand back in 2006. And just this year the same was done for Anthony Hopkins in Westworld.

This isn’t the only way advancements in digital effects have changed the way films are made. Peter Cushing was resurrected for Rogue One using CGI in an appearance that was as astounding as it was disconcerting.

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