Marvel Comics Unveils First Native American Captain America

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 07 May 2021 10:32
Marvel Comics Unveils First Native American Captain AmericaMarvel Comics/CaptainAmerica/Twitter/Marvel Studios

Marvel Comics has unveiled its first ever Native American Captain America named Joe Gomez.

Gomez will be introduced as ‘Captain America of the Kickapoo Tribe’ who will meet up with Steve Rogers, Bucky, Sam Wilson and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’s John Walker.


He’ll cross paths with the four heroes while they’re travelling across the US on the hunt to find Captain America’s missing shield.

The United States of Captain America (Marvel Comics)Marvel Comics

According to Uproxx, Gomez’s Captain America will appear in The United States of Captain America #3. 

Darcie Little Badger, one of the writers of the upcoming comic, said of the newest Captain America, ‘See, Joe Gomez is a construction worker, a builder in a world plagued by destruction. Every time a spaceship crashes into a bridge or a supervillain transforms a whole city block into rubble, people like Joe make things whole again.’


She continued:

Work like that may seem thankless, but Joe genuinely enjoys helping his community survive and thrive. That’s why he won’t charge elders for home repair services (the Joe Gomez senior discount is 100%). That’s also why he’s willing to risk his life to save others.

I know lots of people like Joe–many of them my Indigenous relatives – so it was wonderful to help develop a character with his values, strength, and extreme crane-operating skills.

The news of Marvel’s new Native American hero comes after it announced it would be introducing a gay Captain America to the comics named Aaron Fischer.


Writer Joshua Trujillo describes Fischer as being ‘inspired by heroes of the queer community’.

Fischer will make his debut next month, while Gomez will appear in August.

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    Marvel Comics Has Unveiled The First Native American Captain America