Marvel Fan Theory Claims Star-Lord And Captain Marvel Dated

by : Emily Brown on : 03 Jun 2019 18:55
Captain Marvel and Star LordMarvel Studios

Star-Lord was presented as a bit of a ladies man before Gamora came along, and a Marvel fan theory has claimed he could have even got it on with Captain Marvel herself. 

Obviously Carol Danvers keeps herself very busy with saving the universe from various threats and probably wouldn’t have time for a relationship, but could she actually just be distracting herself from heartache after ending things with Peter Quill?


Well potentially, if this theory by Reddit user Alexandrite1234 is anything to go by.

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The post points out that in Guardians of the Galaxy Quill mentions a Kree girl he used to date, who tried to rip out his thorax.

Although the first Guardians film was released five years before Marvel fans were properly introduced to Danvers in her 2019 origin film, Captain Marvel was actually set about 18 years before Guardians of the Galaxy.


The hero, played by Brie Larson, is human, although she does have Kree blood.

So chronologically speaking, there would have been plenty of time for Quill and Danvers to have made acquaintances before Star-Lord met Gamora.

Captain MarvelMarvel Studios

Are you with me?


If Captain Marvel told Quill she had just left Hala, it would have been reasonable enough for Chris Pratt’s character to presume she was Kree, and therefore refer to her as such later in Guardians of the Galaxy.

The theory is also supported by the appearance of Troll Dolls which we see in Mar-Vell’s lab and later in Guardians of the Galaxy, when Quill uses one to trick Yondu into thinking he has the Power Stone.

Admittedly it does seem like a lot of significance to put on the little toys, but combined with the mention of the Kree girl the theory could be justified.

Everyone Is Hating On Chris Pratt After Infinity WarMarvel Studios

Though, to be honest, it would be a bit of a long shot. Captain Marvel seemed to keep herself to herself before Endgame, when she very rightly pointed out there were a lot of worlds out there where she was needed, so the odds their paths crossed remains slim.

I suppose the pair would make a good couple with their Earthly associations, but until we hear more from Captain Marvel and the Guardians I think the theory will remain just that; a theory.

Do you think the pair could have dated?

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