Marvel Fans Claim Its CGI Has Been Getting Worse Over The Years

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Marvel Fans Claim Its CGI Has Been Getting Worse Over The Years

Marvel Studios' CGI has been criticised by fans as declining in quality over the years.

Marvel fans have taken to Twitter to unleash their criticism on the studio's use of CGI, with one accusing Marvel of 'really slacking'.

Marvel's CGI in recent years has been criticised by fans. Credit: Marvel Studios
Marvel's CGI in recent years has been criticised by fans. Credit: Marvel Studios

One fan shared four images including a still of Florence Pugh from Black Widow.

The caption reads: "This is what happens when a VFX team is forced to crank out 5 movies and 8 shows in a year."

Another fan argued that the 'peak' of cinema and VFX occurred in Iron Man.

"Still holds up more than a decade later," they wrote.


One Twitter user compared a still from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D to a still from What If?.

They said: "The left is from a Marvel show with 22 episodes, on a network TV budget.

"The right is from a Marvel Studios show with 9 episodes and a $200 million budget."


Another user responded with a still of Bill Nighy as villainous character Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.

"This was CGI from 2006, and they only had 25 million extra to work with. Marvel really slacking if you ask me," they said.

Another fan replied to a post about the #SheHulk looking 'great' in the movies.


"That Thanos CGI was really generational lol even the peach fuzz detailed AF," the user wrote.

A second said: "'CGI' is trending because of the #SheHulk trailer. 'We went from Thanos-level CGI to this?'"

"I'm still very much looking forward to She-Hulk but uh they couldn't just paint her green? Or get a huge muscle lady for the She-Hulk parts. That CGI face is not GIVING," a third stated.


Other fans have called out how much the entertainment company spends on its cast.

"Insane how good the CGI is when they aren't pumping out 50 movies a year with most of the budget going towards paying every A lister in town," a user reflected.

One questioned Marvel's fans for supporting the CGI: "How does a company with so much money consistently put out absolutely awful CGI.

"AND WHY does the fandom eat it up?"

However, one fan stuck up for the VFX artists.

They said: "Calling Marvel’s VFX on the whole 'the most barely passable CGI you’ve ever seen' is flat-out stupid on every possible level.

"They’ve had some slip-ups here and there but most of the time their VFX artists are knocking it out of the park."

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Featured Image Credit: Marvel Studios

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