Masterchef Contestant Created Sh*ttest Dish Ever And The Internet Couldn’t Cope


Masterchef is arguably the hardest cooking show out there, giving those who see themselves among the UK’s top chefs a chance to showcase their artistry to the world. 

But, of course, that isn’t always the case – as one unlucky contestant found out on last night’s show, reports the Daily Mail.

Welcome 36-year-old software consultant Mark.

Like many before him, Mark rustled up cookies for dessert, or more specifically, peanut butter cookies, but when the chef drizzled chocolate sauce over them to finish – TV viewers everywhere took to Twitter to voice their shock.

Yep, the squiggly chocolate drizzles looked absolutely like dog shit.

And the abuse wasn’t from Twitter alone, as the majority of the judges on the show also ridiculed his shitty cookie, with only Gregg Wallace describing it as ‘lovely’.


But, still, the mockery prevailed, with other social media users criticizing the software consultant’s hair.

As if the viral humiliation wasn’t punishment enough, Mark was also booted off the show following the shitty dish.

I think I’ll finish this article in the words of Twitter user, discojunk

Poor Mark indeed.