MasterChef Contestant Kicked Off Show For Serving Dead Bird To Judges

by : Lucy Connolly on : 09 May 2020 10:42


A MasterChef Spain contestant has been kicked off the show for serving up a dead bird to the judges.

Not a well-prepared bit of chicken breast or a roasted duck, mind you. Nope, this contestant served up an uncooked, fully feathered bird, complete with a garnish of three tomatoes and some spring onions.


Obviously, her efforts – or lack thereof – did not impress the judges of the show and the contestant, 27-year-old Saray Carrillo, was sent packing pretty quickly.

masterchef dead birdMasterChef Spain/1 Channel

The shocking incident happened on the Spanish edition of the popular cooking show, with the contestants being asked to prepare and cook a whole partridge.

It’s believed Carrillo had previously confided in the judges that she had a fear of handling and cooking birds, and so when given the task she apparently took it as a deliberate attack on her by the judges.


Instead of using it as an opportunity to conquer her fears, Carrillo straight up refused to do anything with the bird and served it up exactly how it came: inedible and, quite frankly, absolutely terrifying.

dead bird masterchefMasterChef Spain/1 Channel

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When it was her turn, Carrillo approached the judges’ table and placed the dead bird down in front of them as the other contestants looked on in horror.

Some contestants placed their heads in their hands as the first judge looked at the, erm, ‘meal’ and said, (translated to English): ‘This is never seen in MasterChef.’


Carrillo lost her place in the competition there and then, with judges deeming her time on the show a ‘mistake’. She didn’t seem too bothered though, shrugging and saying ‘bye, bye’ before removing her apron.

woman serves up dead bird on masterchefMasterChef Spain/1 Channel

Well I guess the moral of the story here is, don’t mess with a woman who has a fear of plucking birds. Or is the moral actually, don’t go on a cooking show where you know you’ll have to pluck birds… if you have a fear of plucking birds?

I guess we’ll never know.


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