Matt Damon Once Tried To Break Clint Eastwood’s Strict Film Set Rule

by : Emily Brown on : 09 Aug 2021 11:17
Matt Damon Once Tried To Break Clint Eastwood's Strict Film Set RulePA

Matt Damon has revealed he was called out by Clint Eastwood after trying to break one of the director’s strict rules on the set of Invictus.

After having starred in the likes of Good Will Hunting, The Talented Mr. Ripley, The Martian and Jason Bourne and earning himself a number of notable film awards and nominations, I think it’s safe to say Damon is an actor who knows what he’s doing.


Still, it’s rare that everyone gets everything right 100% of the time, so the actor, probably like many others in the film industry, has in the past needed more than one take on a scene to get it exactly right.

Matt Damon (PA Images)PA Images

Unfortunately for Damon, Eastwood reportedly doesn’t like to get bogged down with multiple takes and instead prefers to try and get the scene in one go before moving on to the next.

Though undeniably efficient, Damon found difficulty sticking to the rule while working with Eastwood on Invictus, where he played a South African rugby player.


Recalling the situation in an interview on First We Feast, Damon said: ‘It was a little terrifying ‘cause I was playing a South African and that’s a really hard accent to do.’

Matt Damon in Invictus (Warner Bros.)Warner Bros.

The actor explained that nailing his character’s accent ‘required a lot of practise’, so while the first take of one particular scene ‘went pretty well’, he wanted to give it another shot.

After the scene came to an end, Eastwood reportedly said ‘cut, print, check the gate’, which Damon explained means ‘we’re done here, let’s move on’. In the hope of giving his accent another try, though, Damon asked: ‘Boss, do you think maybe we can get one more?’


Evidently, however, the director did not feel another take was necessary and so called out Damon on his request, with the actor recalling: ‘He just turns and he goes, ‘Why? Do you want to waste everybody’s time?’

Having already rocked the boat by attempting to break the one-take rule, Damon decided not to try his luck by arguing back, saying: ‘I was like, ‘OK, we’re done! Alright, let’s move on.’

Damon appeared on First We Feast to take on the ‘Hot Ones’ challenge following the release of his most recent film, Stillwater.


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