Matt Le Blanc Has Found One Very Good Reason To Stick With ‘Top Gear’

by : UNILAD on : 27 Jun 2016 17:13

Rumours that Matt Le Blanc had threatened to quit Top Gear may have been dealt a major blow, as it seems he now has a very good reason to stick with the struggling BBC motoring show.


Unlike his predecessor Jeremy Clarkson, Le Blanc definitely doesn’t have any issues with producers. In fact, rather than allegedly punching them in the face over catering, he is alleged to have become romantically involved with one instead.

As reported by the Daily Mirror, the former Friends star is thought to be dating 31-year-old producer Aurora Mulligan – they were even spotted together at the Hickstead Derby on Saturday evening.

An onlooker reportedly said:

Matt and Aurora were inseparable throughout the whole day.

They were very tactile and Matt seemed to be very taken by Aurora as he laughed chatted intimately with her. Aurora just kept laughing at all his jokes and is clearly besotted with the American superstar.


While a Top Gear source added:

This has become a romance. Matt spends more time with Aurora than anyone else in the crew and there’s definitely a blossoming relationship there.


Mulligan – who plays the bride in an episode of the current series where Le Blanc and Chris Evans ‘crash’ a wedding – is yet to comment on speculation that has rumbled on since May.

Given that my mind is now entirely influenced by Game of Thrones, this seems a very shrewd move on the 48-year-old actor’s part to gain the favour of producers, while isolating Chris Evans even further.

Or they could just genuinely be happy – either way, good luck to him.


Daily Mirror
  1. Daily Mirror

    Matt Le Blanc 'dating Top Gear producer Aurora Mulligan' after she played a bride in show stunt