Matt LeBlanc Learns Hard Lesson About British Summers In Top Gear Trailer


Poor Matt LeBlanc learnt a hard lesson about the British summer in the latest trailer for the BBC’s Top Gear reboot. 

In the latest teaser, the former Friends star heads to the beach, but not the beautiful sun-kissed beaches of California. Oh no – Matt’s stuck in the pouring rain in Blackpool, with only Chris Evans and the town Mayor at his side.

Thankfully, it’s not all bad news and the latest trailer shows Chris and Matt up to the usual Top Gear antics driving through some exotic locations and getting into wacky antics.


Top Gear’ is, of course, back on the box later this month but rumours have suggested that things behind the scenes aren’t going smoothly, forcing the BBC to defend the popular car show’s new cast.

Recently, they dismissed the idea that Chris Evans was ‘more volatile’ than his predecessor, Jeremy Clarkson, which does seem pretty unlikely.

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A spokesperson said:

The Sun, for its own reasons, continues on a weekly, sometimes daily basis to publish negative stories about Top Gear and unfounded nonsense about Chris, which is no longer worth any serious consideration or response.

Meanwhile, the exiting host Jeremy Clarkson has denied trying to sabotage the new series of Top Gear, ahead of his own car show’s release on Amazon Prime later this year.