Matthew Perry Kicked Out Of Therapy

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Matthew Perry has concerned fans after posting an abrupt message on social media about getting kicked out of therapy.

The actor, best known for playing Chandler Bing in Friends, has been open about his addiction struggles in the past and is an advocate for rehab and addiction recovery.

But now he has worried fans by posting the short message online which said he had been ‘kicked out’ of therapy, without giving any further information.

The 49-year-old regularly speaks about struggling with addictions to both alcohol and prescription drugs while he was on Friends.

Perry has done several stints in rehab; in 1997 the actor completed a 28-day recovery programme for Vicodin addiction and he checked into rehab again in 2001 to treat his methadone, amphetamines and alcohol addictions.

Since getting sober, the actor has checked back into rehab occasionally – but as a preventative measure rather than as treatment. But now fans are concerned about his welfare once more after his ominous tweet.

You can take a look at his post below:

Addressing his 1.27 million followers yesterday (February 6), Perry wrote:

I got kicked out of therapy today.

The post quickly went viral, attracting 25K likes and more than 2.3K retweets. More than 2.2K people replied to his tweet, the majority of them worried for the actor.

Fans shared their concerns over Perry’s health as soon as the tweet was posted, with thousands wishing him well and hoping he has people around him to support him.

One person told the actor he had gotten her through any rough times she faced, telling him his addiction and depression ‘will not rule’ him.

She wrote:

Please feel better. I hope you’re okay. You deserve love and happiness. You made me laugh when I was having rough times and always got me through it. You’re a brilliant, talented man and some day I believe you’ll see light in life. Addiction and depression will not rule you.

While another thanked him for bringing joy into people’s life, writing:

A medical student friend of mine texted me today to let me know she had an awesome day because she saw an accessory nipple for the first time, and is now home watching friends in honor of chandler’s nubbin. Thanks for bringing her joy.

And another advised him to get a new therapist, saying:

Send you a big, strong hug Matty. Find a new, good therapist, a decent one. <3

It’s currently unclear why Perry got kicked out of therapy and the actor is yet to reply to the concerned messages.

Get well soon, Matthew. We wish you all the best with your recovery.

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