Megan ‘Already Bored Of Wes After Meeting New Islanders’

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Megan 'Already Bored Of Wes After Meeting New Islanders'Megan 'Already Bored Of Wes After Meeting New Islanders'ITV

What difference a day makes eh? One minute Love Island’s Megan and Wes are the ‘it’ couple and the next thing you know she’s already bored of him. The fickle nature of the heart.


Honestly, I thought I was going to get through my shift today without having to talk Love Island (and I was so close) but fate is a cruel mistress. So if I have to write about it, it’s only right you have to read through it – that’s the deal.

While there was an initial shock when Wes Nelson ditched Laura Anderson for Megan Barton Hanson, it seems the spark has fizzled between the two even before it began.

Look, if you’ve read Love Island articles by me before you’ll know I don’t watch the show but because of the unavoidable gossip in the office and on my social media I kind of know what’s going. Without watching the show I feel like I know more about it than I do about the intricacies of VAR (do not get me started).


But back to the matter at hand – since shacking up with Wes, Megan has become a social pariah in the Love Island, as her fellow female contestants went over to comfort Laura. Now it looks like she’s having second thoughts about her coupling with Wes, according to The Mirror.

In a preview of tonight’s episode, Megan reveals to the girls:

I’m not going to lie, I’m really not feeling confident right now. The fact that it’s so fresh between us and there is no loyalties there. He’s just taken a massive leap of faith leaving Laura. If there’s a girl that he’s better suited with there’s nothing I can do.

Her mood is lifted when she finds out the villa will get six new residents who have her down her for a potential coupling – wow I make it sound like it’s auction.

She says on tonight’s episode:

All the boys said [I’m in] their top three. Literally every boy put me in the top three. Obviously it’s a compliment.

I’m still open to get to know all of the boys. I feel like I’ve been rogue in here, I’ve done what I wanted to do, I’ve gone with my gut.

So I’m not going to stop now. If there is someone I really connect with and gel with.

Megan 'Already Bored Of Wes After Meeting New Islanders'Megan 'Already Bored Of Wes After Meeting New Islanders'ITV

You know, I think Wes is one Drake song away from her being crushed.

For now he seems nonplussed, telling the Casa Amor Beach Hut:

Could my head be turned? Absolutely. It was turned after three weeks. So could it be turned after a day? Yeah, it could.

love island 2018 contestantslove island 2018 contestantsITV2

You know, as I struggle for more words to talk about Love Island I can’t help but think the show is just one big part of an elaborate social experiment and someone in their ivory towers is watching us from a glass panel as they take notes of viewers’ reactions.

I think I can see them right now and they’re angry at me because I still haven’t watched an episode. Sorry people behind the glass window.

Love Island airs every night, except Saturday, on ITV2 at 9pm.

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