Megan From Love Island Gets Trolled Online For Her ‘Bizarre Thumbs’

Megan Barton Hanson Love IslandITV

It has fans screaming at the TV, throwing their drinks in both celebration and frustration, and will definitely be remembered long after the summer finishes.

That’s right folks, we’re talking Love Island, the thing that is on our screens almost as much as the football at the moment, while causing almost as much controversy.

As contestants battle it out in challenges, dates and re-couplings, all while facing a losing battle against the scorching Mallorca sun (I feel your pain, Alex…), there is a daily barrage of attention-grabbing moments.

One such moment was the recent photoshoot Megan and Rosie undertook, apparently to turn the head of Islander Adam while also marking their territory in front of the newcomers Ellie and Zara arrived.

Though it may have worked for Megan, it wasn’t long after the shoot that Rosie left the villa.

Defending the photos, Rosie told The Sun:

People can say it was cringe but secretly they have done it themselves.

We had fun and apparently we looked hot and that’s all that matters. It was amazing, it was so much fun, and it definitely lifted me.

In real life I would upload a smoking photo and hope he would see it but we just thought we would do it in front of his face.

Megan and I would call each other the blonde and brunette dream team and they sent in a new blonde and brunette and we were just making our mark.

While the photos certainly made some heads turn for one reason or another, some eagle-eyed viewers spotted something not often remarked upon when talking about islander Megan Barton Hanson – her thumbs.

Check it out:

Here the zoom for you:

Megan Barton Hanson's thumbLoveIsland/Twitter

Of course, nothing gets past Love Island fans without it going on Twitter.

Here are just a few responses:

And others who had noticed the disconcerting digit:

Luckily for Megan, however, since the shoot she has been coupling up with ‘really deep guy’ Eyal who, thankfully, can look past such physical features. In fact, he’s such a deep guy, he probably doesn’t even notice people’s outward appearances, right?

Megan’s not the only one having her bodily features analysed, though. Recently, fans of new addition to the royal family Meghan Markle noticed something unusual about her feet.

As it turns out, the 36-year-old former Suits actress doesn’t opt for dainty, well-fitting shoes when attending events.

Instead, she goes for shoes which are way too big for her; spacious enough to accommodate even the most heavy-footed of royal event attendee.

Fans noticed the unusual footwear after she stepped out in a pair of Balenciaga Leather Knife Pumps while attending Ascot with her husband Prince Harry for the very first time.

Check out these gorgeous yet gargantuan hoofs for size:

Meghan wears big shoesGetty

Of course, the Duchess does not have abnormally large feet, and there is a reasonable explanation for it all.

Fashion expert Harriet Davey explained to Fabulous:

Celebs often go a size up, or even two, in the shoe department when they’re at an event or on the red carpet and it’s for one reason we can all relate to – to avoid blisters.

You never know though, it could be thumb-toes all over again.

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