Meghan Markle 2013 Interview Goes Viral After Host’s Creepy Question

Meghan Markle interviewed by Craig Ferguson 2013CBS

Before she became the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle lived a very different life in LA; starring in Suits and being interviewed on American talk shows.

The stylish, independent life the 36-year-old led before meeting her prince, is one of the reasons she’s proved to be so popular among her new subjects.

Before being constrained by royal duties, fans got a glimpse of an opinionated and talented woman, who wrote blog posts on worthy causes and spoke out against the wrongs she saw in the world.

Unlike Kate Middleton before her, there’s a wealth of footage of Meghan in her pre-palace life; chatting and laughing freely as a professional actor and humanitarian.

Meghan Markle interviewed by Craig Ferguson back in 2013CBS

However, one particular interview has surfaced which has left some viewers feeling a tad uncomfortable…

The interview took place back in August 2013, when she’d already played Rachel Zane in Suits for two years.

Meghan was interviewed by Scottish-American presenter, Craig Ferguson, on the Late Late Show, who showered her with compliments regarding her ‘spectacular’ appearance.

However, events soon took a slightly unusual turn when Craig started to talk about Meghan’s ‘hairless’ body.

You can watch the interview for yourself below:

The pair chatted for a while about Meghan’s upbringing, her family and her impressive linguistic abilities

However the talk soon turned to where she grew up.

Craig appeared surprised when Meghan revealed she was born and bred in LA, leading her to giggle:

Yes, I’m one of the five, you can pinch me I’m real, see? Oh yes.

Craig obliged, pinching her arm. But Meghan looked a little confused when he reached to do it a second time.

Meghan Markle interviewed by Craig Ferguson in 2013CBS

The presenter exclaims, ‘I just want to do it again’ before reaching over once more.

Meghan pushed his hand away lightheartedly, with a charming chuckle.

Then Craig made the following comment:

Strangely hairless body you have. You’re quite the dolphin aren’t you?

Meghan responded by laughing and pretending to hide behind her hand before quipping:

It’s not easy being a lady.

Meghan Markle interviewed by Craig Ferguson in 2013CBS

Craig continued:

You’re absolutely hair-free. Are you a competitive swimmer?

Meghan joked:

I’m not but if I were to be one, I think I would get some speed there.

The hairy theme continued, with Craig revealing how he’d once shaved away all of his body hair after getting snowed in.

Meghan Markle interviewed by Craig Ferguson in 2013CBS

Viewers were, and still are, divided over this interview. Some believe Craig’s comments were a little too much, with one person commenting:

Craig seems super creepy.

While another noted:

The sexual innuendo floating through their entire conversation is awkward.

Meghan Markle interviewed by Craig Ferguson in 2013CBS

However, others saw no problem with Craig’s questioning.

One person remarked:

To me Craig was always a master at making things just creepy enough where you can laugh at the awkwardness and then he’d find a way to undercut it or change the subject entirely so it didn’t cross a line into being seriously uncomfortable for anybody. [sic]

Another added:

Good God, it’s utterly harmless! First of all, Craig flirted with everyone on the show–he is a comedian and he is a cheeky guy. He flirted with Jeff Goldblum, for crying out loud, and it was hilarious. [sic]

Meghan Markle interviewed by Craig Ferguson in 2013CBS

Did Craig’s interviewing technique make your arm hair bristle?

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