Melisandre’s Green Eye Prophecy Means Cersei Will Die And Arya Will Kill Her

by : Charlie Cocksedge on : 29 Apr 2019 20:24

Warning: Contains Spoilers

melisandre's prophecy means arya will kill cerseimelisandre's prophecy means arya will kill cerseiHBO

The recent episode of Game of Thrones was, let’s say it, remarkable. The almost hour-and-a-half episode was by far the most ambitious piece of television the show has ever pulled off.

While there was so much going on in The Long Night – wights wherever you looked, deaths and resurrections, tender looks between exes, and truly heroic moments from a 13-year-old badass – the episode culminated in a brief exchange between Arya and Melisandre, which sparked the beginning of the end of Battle of Winterfell.

It’s only the second time Melisandre and Arya have met, though it seems their paths have been closely connected since they met back in season three.


At the time, Melisandre said to Arya:

I see a darkness in you. And in that darkness, eyes staring back at me. Brown eyes, blue eyes, green eyes. Eyes you’ll shut forever. We will meet again.

They did indeed meet again, at the Battle of Winterfell no less, where both women remembered their first conversation. Being the clever person she is, Arya realised ‘blue eyes’ refers to the Night King, and so set off on her secret assassin’s mission.

However, not content with one of the biggest plot points ever – the death of the Night King and the defeat of his Army of the Dead – fans are wondering what the other eyes might mean. Arya has killed a fair few people in her time, after all.

Check out the teaser for next week’s episode here:

Going off Melisandre’s prophecy, some observant viewers are suggesting the brown eyes referred to Walder Frey, who Arya ticked off her list in season six while avenging her family who fell at the Red Wedding.


The blue eyes, as we know, were the Night King’s.

Which leaves the green eyes. You’ll be forgiven for forgetting about King’s Landing during The Long Night, there was a lot of other stuff to concentrate on. But now, with three episodes still to go, our attention must turn to what happens next.

And waiting for us, and Arya, at King’s Landing is – of course – Cersei Lannister, who possesses many characteristics the Lannisters are known for: golden hair, fair skin, and green eyes.

melisandre's green eye prophecy means she will kill cerseimelisandre's green eye prophecy means she will kill cerseiHBO

With the Night King out the way, Cersei is the biggest threat to the Seven Kingdoms, are will surely be next in line for those left at Winterfell to set their sights on.

Will Arya spring another sneak attack on her green-eyed enemy, just as she did to the Night King? Or, perhaps, wear someone else’s face to bring Cersei down? I can’t wait to find out.

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