Michael B. Jordan’s Perfect Response To Tweet About Him Living With Parents


If you’ve been living under a rock, you probably won’t know what Black Panther is and what a cultural phenomenon it’s become.

You also won’t know how much of a badass Michael B. Jordan’s character is in the film, so much so, people are questioning whether he’s a villain in the traditional sense at all.

The guy is ripped, as he is in Rocky flick Creed and looks like he wouldn’t think twice about knocking your block off.

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Yet in real life he’s just a nice bloke, who loves anime and shares his home with his parents.

This came to the attention of people on Twitter after a user revealed some of these lesser known facts about the star, tweeting:

Michael B Jordan is a 5’9″ adult man that loves anime & lives with his parents…

Y’all told me all of those things were unacceptable though.

The tweet went viral and it eventually caught the attention of Michael himself.

He wanted to make some minor corrections about the tweet in question.

Michael replied:

First of all I’m 6ft and they live with ME, put some respeck [sic] on my name. LOL… aaaand goku & naruto are real ones. lol [sic]

Incredible. The sentiment of the original tweet was definitely there but Michael just had to set the record straight.

Obviously, the thing blew up and people were giving him big respect for sticking by his parents after he made it, something which can’t be said for a lot of successful people.

However, the  keyboard warriors were quick to call Jordan out – it is the internet after all – for his ‘mainstream’ taste in anime:

One user wrote:

Oh you’re into that kinda of anime [sic]… The mainstream ones.

Somehow Jordan still managed to keep the tone light, despite people judging him for his tastes, by saying it was merely a ‘softball’:

He wrote:

Nah that was a softball for the anime uneducated.

For those of you who are excited to see Michael B. Jordan do more stuff, then get ready for Creed 2.

We’re getting closer and closer to the release of the film and Sylvester Stallone has been taking to social media to share the first look at Ivan Drago’s son:

In the post Stallone wrote:

Congratulations to Florian “Big Nasty” Munteanu for getting the part as IVAN DRAGOS son! 27 years old , 6 feet four, 245 pounds of talent.#mgm #creed #creed2

Munteanu confirmed the news on his Facebook page saying:

Now it’s very official!!! I’m so happy and thankful to announce that I will play IVAN DRAGO’S son in CREED II. A huge honor to play in such a big movie directed by @stevencaplejr next to @officialslystallone, @michaelbjordan & @dolphlundgren.

Can’t even describe my feelings in words right now…. But I’ll promise you this…I’ll work my ass of to make this movie unforgettable.

Huge thank you to Eduard Irimia & the SuperKombat Academy for making a dream come true. And of course to my parents and brothers at home, without them this would have not been possible. EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE IF YOU BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND WORK HARD. #creed #creed2 #bignasty #drago.

Warner Bros.
This is going to be a good one, guys. I can feel it.