Michael C. Hall Open To Dexter Returning For Another Season

by : Tom Percival on : 10 Nov 2018 18:50
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Despite Dexter ending over five years ago, the show’s star Michael C. Hall, hasn’t ruled out reprising the role of everyone’s favourite secret serial killer. 

Dexter, which focused on the misadventures of Dexter Morgan (Hall), a blood splatter analyst by day and murderous vigilante/serial killer by night, was a smash hit when it premiered in 2006.


Unfortunately, over time, the show – which ran for eight seasons – suffered a decline in viewership until it eventually wrapped itself up (in sheet plastic) with a divisive series finale.

Despite the show’s ambiguous or dreadful ending (depends on who you ask), Dexter remains a fondly remembered series with a number of fans clamouring for the Bay Harbor Butcher’s return.

And in a recent interview with The Daily Beast, Hall gave the show’s bloodthirsty fans hope Dexter and his Dark passenger could return to menace the streets of Miami once again.

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Hall said:

Every time I’m asked about this I say, ‘never say never’. The next thing I know there’s an announcement on the internet saying ‘he’s going to do it again.’

The way that show ended gave no sense of closure for people and a lot of questions unanswered.

He seems to be in this self-imposed exile, he certainly didn’t ride off into the sunset. His sister died. It left a gnarly knot in some viewers’ stomachs.

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Hall also stood by the shows polarising ‘lumberjack’ ending explaining it didn’t make sense for Dexter to wrap itself up in a neat little bow.

He explained how it made sense to him how the character would fake his own death to escape his life, and dismissed concerns it stretched credibility: 

He has a real connection to people, and all those people are compromised or destroyed in some way.

For it to be all tidied up after that would have not been honest. For him to simulate his own death and extricate himself from the context of his life made sense to me. As far as any more of that happening, it’s possible.

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As for what a Dexter reboot or relaunch could look like? Well, Hall has said there’ve been several options presented, but explained they didn’t feel ‘worth doing’.

It seems Hall’s not willing to commit to anything Dexter related unless he’s seriously impressed by a script.

To be quite honest though, I’d be well up for a Dexter relaunch!

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