Michael Jackson Fans Think The Simpsons Have Proven He’s Still Alive

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The Simpsons has famously ‘predicted’ Trump’s presidency, the pizza paedophile conspiracy theory, numerous celebrity deaths, and Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl performance, so it’s no wonder fans of the show are looking for clues about the future.

There are so many jokes made in its 617 episodes that have come true, some say it’s just probability, though some of them are pretty creepy.

This time it is the one and only Michael Jackson at the forefront of the conspiracy with fans claiming Matt Groening predicted his death was a hoax.

Here is a clip of the episode in question:

The episode in question is titled Stark Raving Dad where Homer is mistakenly sent to a mental asylum where he shares a room with a man named Leon Kompowsky who pretends to be the King of Pop.

Jackson actually guest-starred in the episode, which first aired in 1991 during season three of the cartoon, as the speaking voice of Kompowsky.

After Homer is declared sane in the episode, Kompowsky come and stays with his family in Springfield, prompting huge public attention after Bart falls for his act and believes he’s the real MJ.

The crowds were soon disappointed when they realised Kompowsky was a fraud which results in a newspaper headline ‘Michael Jackson HOAX’, which is left on the Simpsons’ doorstep.

Jacko fanatics believe the newspaper headline could be a prediction of the Thriller singer’s staged death, or ‘hoax’.

With a reputation for predicting events like 9/11 and FIFA’s corruption scandal, it’s not out of the question, but it’s pretty damn unlikely.

A video on YouTube titled ‘The Simpsons theory Michael Jackson is alive’ shows the clip of the newspaper headline as proof of the highly unlikely conspiracy.

Michael Turegano, who has been independently investigating Jacko’s death for eight years, is convinced the troubled singer is still alive and well.

Newspaper headline reading 'Micheal Jackson Hoax'20th Century Fox

Turegano believes MJ may have been sending a message to his fans with the newspaper headline.

He told Daily Star Online:

It was most likely a clue of the death hoax Michael Jackson was going to have.

Michael wanted to leave everything behind and get away.

The Simpsons series knows many things that will happen in the future.

They gave this message knowingly.

Michael JacksonGetty

One conspiracy theorist wrote:

I always thought that that was a strange part of that episode. Yeah the episode is old but The Simpsons has been known to predict future events quite a few times.

Who’s to say that Michael wasn’t planning on doing the death hoax for many many years and decided that because The Simpsons had predicted events it would be the perfect place to hide a clue.

I reckon he’d been planning it for at least 20 years before he ‘died’.

If you need anymore evidence that Matt Groening is actually the oracle, look no further than the Simpsons Films Twitter account which shows scenes from The Simpsons which were blatantly just copied and pasted into current TV shows.

Boy listening to a walkman in class. Another obvious rip off by 13 Reasons Why.

There’s no way Homer holding a bank note didn’t inspire Wolf of Wall Street, and every other film about money, ever.

Of course a scene between Lisa and Homer inspired all future father/daughter scenes in all films, because the Simpsons predicts everything remember.

Thoroughly enjoy that Twitter account.

P.S MJ lives on… in our souls.

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