Mike Judge’s Dystopian Comedy ‘Idiocracy’ Is Now On Netflix

Idiocracy Is On Netflix20th Century Fox

Although we can’t quite look into the future, if we were to imagine the world in 2505, it would probably mean huge technological advancements, artificial intelligence and education levels being at an all-time high.

I’m thinking Busted’s Year 3000 vibes.

However, Mike Judge’s dystopian comedy Idiocracy completely turns that idea on its head, and it’ll leave you pretty darn glad to be living in the 21st century.

The science fiction comedy, which boasts an all-star cast, follows the dumbing down of America and has become a cult classic movie in recent years.

You can watch the full trailer here:

The 2006 film was picked up by Hulu not so long ago, and now Netflix subscribers can get involved in the hype, The Daily Dot reports.

For those out the loop, Idiocracy begins in 2005 when Corporal Joe Bauers, played by Luke Wilson, a United States Army librarian, is chosen to take part in a military experiment where he will be put to sleep in suspended animation for one year.

Because there is no female equivalent in the armed forces to take part in the experience, he’s joined by a prostitute called Rita, played by Maya Rudolph.

Mike Judge's Dystopian Comedy 'Idiocracy' Is Now On Netflix20th Century Fox

Bowers is quite literally an average Joe and considered one of the most average man in the army. It seems as if the experiment would have been a success if it wasn’t for the fact the officer in charge was arrested for running a prostitute ring after becoming involved with Rita’s pimp, Upgrayedd.

Bauers and Rita are then left in their suspension chambers and forgotten about for 500 years. However, the film takes a twist when they’re woken up a landslide caused by a pile of rubbish the size of a skyscraper.

By this time, a reserve of natural selection has wiped intelligent people from the earth, leaving dumber people to reproduce at an advanced rate.

Now, Joe and Rita after far from average after being catapulted into a world of idiots, meaning they’re suddenly the smartest man and woman in the world.

Idiocracy is available to stream on US Netflix now.

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