Millennials Slam Gen Z For Saying Tim Burton Should Make A Superhero Film When He’s Directed Two

by : Cameron Frew on : 04 May 2021 17:18
Millennials Slam Gen Z For Saying Tim Burton Should Make A Superhero Film When He's Directed Twoihatethiskid/Twitter/Warner Bros.

Millennials have taken aim at Gen Z after a TikToker posted a video imagining a Tim Burton superhero movie when he’s already directed two of them. 

Creator @chantelleef uploaded a TikTok with a number of illustrations, titled, ‘If Tim Burton directed superhero films.’


It then scrolls through comic book characters stylised in imagery reminiscent of Corpse Bride, Frankenweenie and The Nightmare Before Christmas, which is entirely fair. Whether it’s just a gap in her knowledge or an unfortunate assumption, it doesn’t acknowledge the fact that Burton is a key figure in superhero movie history.

Burton directed 1989’s Batman and its follow-up, Batman Returns. He was also reportedly considered as a possible director for 2002’s Spider-Man, which eventually came from Sam Raimi. Burton was also attached to a Superman film with Nicolas Cage to star as the titular hero.


Screenshots of the TikTok were later shared to Twitter by @ihatethiskid, where it quickly became the subject of mockery from older and younger generations alike. ‘I would absolutely murder my movie recommendations for this young lady… please don’t bully her I’m not trying to get dm’d again to delete a tweet making fun of a TikTok,’ he also wrote.

One user wrote, ‘Did Tim Burton actually direct a Batman movie? Or is this about using art without credit?’ Another replied, ‘Do Zoomers just not… look up… anything that happened before they were born? How is there more than one person who knows both Batman and Tim Burton but doesn’t know about the literal biggest movie of 1989?’

Some have suggested she was just playing around with ideas for an animated Batman movie, others believe it may just be a blind spot in her movie-going life. It happens to us all.


However, the hilarious reply that’s been picked apart the most reads, ‘Don’t generalise. We’re not obligated to know what happened before we were born, I’m willing to bet you don’t know Beethoven’s entire discography. Some people do, some people don’t, that’s just how it works.’

Anyways, watch Batman.

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