Mind Reader Guesses Piers Morgan’s PIN Number Live On Air

by : Julia Banim on : 13 Mar 2018 11:04

Piers Morgan could not believe his ears when a mind reader guessed his PIN number during a spooky episode of Good Morning Britain.


52-year-old Piers appeared genuinely ruffled when Lior Suchard announced the first two digits – three and nine if you are interested – live on air.

Lior held up the numbers on a huge notepad, clearly visible to mesmerised viewers at home. Fortunately for Piers’ bank balance, he wrote the other – equally correct – numbers out of sight of the cameras.

Shocked co-host Susanna Reid quickly advised the outspoken presenter to change his pin code asap, with Lior jesting he would be using the bank details…


Panicked Piers stated:

I want him [Lior] detained, I don’t want him anywhere near my PIN code! We need him arrested and removed in chains!

Lior offered the following explanation to his rather creepy talent:

When people think of something they use subliminal messaging and nonverbal communication.

Check out the eerie interaction below:

Piers’ colleague Susanna was also bamboozled by the psychic, despite doing her upmost to hide her thoughts.

The self professed ‘world’s greatest mentalist’ correctly guessed what the 47-year-old presenter was thinking about, but this wasn’t even the strangest thing.

Not only did Lior guess she was thinking about a cat (although, in the YouTube era, aren’t we all?), he had posted a piccy of a cat to Instagram an hour before; so confident had he been about the inner workings of Susanna Reid.


And this wasn’t the only revelation…


Feeling playful, Piers took the opportunity to press Lior about his long time co-workers secret crushes, querying:

Can you tell if Susanna has a thing for anyone in this room?

Mischievous Lior replied:

Theres a few! It’s you! She loves you very much.

Oo-err. Susanna was quick to protest, but this has certainly stirred up some juicy – if unlikely – daytime telly gossip. Could we be looking at potential power couple a la Richard and Judy? Spiers? Smorgan?

Plenty of Good Morning Britain fans took to Twitter with a confusing mixture of fear and amusement.

One person tweeted, ‘I’m surprised there’s anything in Piers Morgan’s mind except PIERS MORGAN PIERS MORGAN AND PIERS MORGAN.’

Another swooned, ‘Wow, how does he do it?! Very entertaining to watch…and rather cute too!!’


A mentalist and ‘mystifier’ of international renown, Lior has sent many a famous head spinning, from Barbara Streisand to Kim Kardashian.

If you are feeling brave, you can check out his tour dates here.

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