Pixar Perfectly Predicted The Office Of The Future


It turns out that on top of making absolutely awesome movies (the Cars series aside) Pixar may also have an insight into the office of tomorrow.

Film fans will undoubtedly remember the 2008 film Wall-e, the absolutely gorgeous story of two robots in love who do their best to save the Earth from an ecological catastrophe.

What people may have forgotten though is the state of humanity in the movie who, over the centuries trapped aboard the Axiom, have morphed into obese blobs confined to their ‘robo-chairs’ and unable to do anything for themselves.


Well it turns out that a chair, suspiciously similar to the seats in Wall-e, is being developed as we speak by a new start-up company called Altwork, The Telegraph reports.

The chair, which looks like something you’d find in a dentist office, allows people to work on their computer while completely reclined.

Unlike a dentist chair though it doesn’t come with a drill, instead it’s got a computer monitor fitted to it along with a keyboard and mouse which are held in place using magnets.


The idea is that people can work while comfortable and was designed by Altwork’s co-founder John Speicer who found he could only work comfortably while reclining after a car accident.

Unfortunately for those of you dreaming of living out a blobby Wall-e inspired existence the fancy chair is pretty expensive at $5,000.

That said, for an extra $1,000 you can fully customise your work chair for maximum comfort.