Morgan Freeman Proves He Can Narrate Anything In This Hilarious Video


Love him or loathe him, Morgan Freeman has one of, if not, the most iconic voices in Hollywood at the minute. Morgan could read out a phone directory and make it read like A Farewell To Arms. 

And this brash statement was merely reinforced when Jimmy Kimmel made Freeman narrate random people on the street – AGAIN.

According to UPROXX, it seems that Kimmel enjoys taking Freeman a tad out of his comfort zone considering back in 2014 he made him do his interview on helium – completely destroying the prowess and smoothness of his voice.

And earlier this year, Kimmel made him narrate random, boring people on the street:

But now he’s done it again – and as you can probably imagine, it’s equally as hilarious.

We won’t spoil it all for you but after a tiny spec of peer pressure from the audience Freeman agrees to begin the narration – choosing a random ‘bald man’ to bring to life.

As our anonymous protagonist looks both ways before crossing street, Freeman claims:

There he was. Chewing something. Chewing something Joe we called him. Look both ways chewing something Joe. There he was. Chewing and crossing. Chewing, and crossing.


However the tale of Chewing Something Joe was short lived and comes to an end just seconds after first began – but that doesn’t mean it isn’t hilarious.

God what a voice. Literally.