Morgan Freeman’s Scathing Narration Of People Taking Selfies Is Perfect


Undisputed king of the voiceover Morgan Freeman has been putting his legendary skills to hilarious use.

The iconic actor has one of the most distinctive voices in showbiz and he’s got the ability to turn pretty much any situation into a mini-drama playing out before your eyes.

During an appearance on his show, Jimmy Kimmel asked Freeman to do some spontaneous voiceovers for footage of innocent pedestrians on Hollywood Boulevard, reports the Telegraph.

And, it’s fair to say, the results are pretty awesome.

People stopping in the middle of the street to use selfie sticks while pouting at their camera look ridiculous at the best of times, but once you have Morgan Freeman throwing shade at them, it hits a whole new level.

Enter star of the video ‘Perfect Selfie Paul’ – some guy in a red checked shirt trying to take a selfie:

There he was, holding his selfie stick, trying to get that perfect selfie. How he loved that selfie stick. Could this be the one, the light’s just right – No.


As Perfect Selfie Paul wanders out of shot you think that’s it, but no, there’s a little bit more… 

But look who it is, another selfie stick guy. Selfie stick Sam. There they are – just two grown ass men taking pictures of themselves with a fucking stick.