Most F*cked Up Jon And Daenerys Theory Started By George R.R. Martin Himself

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No show inspires more fan theories than Game of Thrones, but most of them are absolutely ludicrous.

Some of these theories include wrestling against all possible logic to prove that Ned Stark isn’t dead and in fact has warged into Ilyn Payne.

Ridiculous right? But sometimes theories have more reliable beginnings, and actually have something to them that at least means the questions should be asked.


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You can’t have a more reliable originator for a theory than the guy who wrote the whole series of Game of Thrones – that’s pretty much the best pedigree right there.

This theory relates, obviously, to Jon and Daenerys – because which theory doesn’t?

We’re all still reeling from the end of season seven where it was finally revealed that R+L=J was true.


But what if Daenerys isn’t actually Jon’s aunt, but his half sister?! I know, I know, sounds stupid, but stick with us here.

It all begins with the books, in which Daenerys recalls a lemon tree in Braavos where she grew up.


But Braavos isn’t exactly the climate for lemons, that’s more likely to be the lovely and summery Dorne – which also happens to be the birthplace of… Jon.

Another element of the theory relates to Ned, who pushed back an awful lot during season one when everyone in King’s Landing wanted Daenerys dead.

As noted by Digital Spy, this could’ve been his way of making sure that Jon’s half sister was safe from the interfering politics of Westeros.


Let’s keep this theory going by throwing in some Azor Ahai for good measure.

Melisandre has been having a pretty difficult time in deciding just who is the Prince That Was Promised (or princess of course).

She seems to be hung up on the potential of both Daenerys and Jon, and can’t really choose between the two.


Maybe that’s because the two are so closely related the Lord of Light’s instructions become muddled by the two. Could happen.

It’s all very much conjecture, but there’s one thing at this point that could sway us, and that’s confirmation from the man himself, George R. R. Martin.

Well, it just so happens we have just that, and it’s pretty compelling.

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In an interview with Vulture, Alfie Allen (who plays Theon Greyjoy) had this little anecdote about a conversation with Martin himself.

Alfie said:

You know, I asked [George] about who Jon Snow’s real parents were, and he told me. I can’t say who, but I can tell you that it involves a bit of a Luke Skywalker situation.


Okay, for those who don’t understand that reference (seriously?) Luke and Leia were brother and sister, but were separated at birth.

They met later in life and shared a little smooch before everyone realised how weird that was.

They later sort of ignored the weird kiss moment, but it feels like the sex at the end of Game of Thrones would be hard to ignore.


But still, we’re telling you now so when the bombshell drops, you’re prepared enough to not be sick.

You’re welcome.

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