Mother Slammed For Parading Young Daughter’s Premature Breasts On TV

by : Francesca Donovan on : 15 Sep 2016 15:13

GMB Mum Slammed Parading DaughterGMB Mum Slammed Parading Daughter

Charlie Denton took to daytime television with her young daughter Nevaeh, who started developing breasts at just two-years-old. 


The mother and daughter appeared on Good Morning Britain to raise awareness for precocious puberty, a rare condition that affects 1 in 5000 children.

Many viewers have taken to Twitter to point out that Nevaeh was clearly uncomfortable, curling into her mother’s arms and refusing to engage with the camera.

Nevaeh has been through a lot since her diagnosis, her mother explained. The understandably camera shy toddler has an injection every 12 weeks to suppress the hormones which trigger puberty. If she sticks to the treatment, doctors are confident Nevaeh will experience a normal puberty.


Denton added:

Just after her second birthday, she developed breast buds. At first, the doctor reassured us she was fine but then she developed second buds and so we took her back.

It was a huge shock.

The mother has been accused of parading her daughter’s suffering on TV for five minutes of fame.


Others asked the perfectly valid question; why couldn’t the girl remain anonymous?

Although Ms. Denton can’t be blamed for trying to raise awareness of this problem suffered by thousands of children in Britain, it was clearly an upsetting experience for her daughter.

A parent is ultimately responsible for their child. But perhaps this will force us to re-evaluate questionable television formats that throw a spotlight on vulnerable people.

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