MTV Cribs Is Back With Twist For Social Media Age

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You probably all remember MTV’s classic noughties series Cribs.

The cars, the ridiculously large swimming pools and a pretty depressing look inside their usually empty fridge. Essentially, it allowed celebrities to show off their homes and say: “Hey everybody, come see how rich I am!”.

And now, more than five years after the last episode aired it’s back- via Snapchat.


Like the old show, celebs will still guide you through their homes, but instead of the 30-minute slog of a TV program, they’ll only produce content specifically for MTV’s Snapchat channel. Result!

According to Variety, celebrities like Mac Miller and Austin Mahone will start providing tours of their mansions and properties in June, a big change from the traditional camera crew.

The series will have a home in MTV’s recently launched Snapchat Discover channel, which the entertainment giant has been sharing original content on since February.

They describe it as an ‘intimate experience’ though I doubt it could get more intimate than the episode when Mariah Carey took a bath in a towel (as you do).

cribs web thumb

Whether it will ever hit these dizzying heights once again in this social media age, still remains to be seen.