Mum Breaks Down Watching Brutal Video Of Daughter Being Attacked

by : UNILAD on : 20 Sep 2017 13:50

A devastated mum broke down into tears on This Morning earlier today after sharing a brutal video of her daughter being attacked.


Claire Walton went on the popular daytime television show to speak about bullying.

She shared the video of her daughter Hollie being attacked by bullies on social media after finding out the bully was laughing about it.

You can watch the video and interview here:

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Upset Claire was offered tissues by presenters Hollie Willoughby and Phillip Schofield as she burst into tears after watching the horrific video which showed her daughter having her hair pulled and being dragged to the ground.

She revealed:

It is really hard for me to watch it. The attack happened on Friday but I didn’t post it until the Sunday because I’d found out the girl who attacked her was going around, laughing about it and showing people the video.

So I thought if you want everyone to see it then I will share it but I did not expect it to go as viral as it did.


Hollie also spoke about how she and the bully had been friends but fell out after a disagreement.

From then on Hollie was bullied every day at school but was told by teachers they couldn’t do anything about it until they saw it for themselves.

Hollie spoke about how the bully would ‘put sparklers in my hair’ and trip her up in the hallway.


On the day of the brutal attack, Hollie knew she was going to be ambushed and so her friend rang her parents asking whether they could be picked up.

Unable to get through to them, Hollie was attacked as she walked home from school.

While her mum doesn’t want her to return to school, Hollie wishes to go back.

Claire added:

I am proud of the way Hollie’s dealt with it because she’s held her head up high.

What a brave girl!

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