Murderer Explains Why She Took Selfie With Father-In-Law’s Body

Montgomery County Police

In 2015, Amanda Taylor killed her father-in-law before taking a selfie with his body and the bloody knife she used to stab him to death.

Charles Taylor was 59-years-old when his daughter-in-law Amanda murdered him. The case of the so-called ‘selfie murder’ shocked observers due to its callous nature.

The mother of two, 26, from Ellett, Virginia was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Charles (pictured below), whom she blamed for the 2014 suicide of her husband Rex (also pictured below).


Now, in a remorseless interview from jail with Crime Watch Daily, Amanda said:

I have absolutely no remorse for what I did to Charlie Taylor at all. I did exactly what I wanted to do. I just wanted him to feel the pain I felt. That’s the most alive I’ve felt since Rex died.

I was very happy, I was very happy just to finally get all that built-up hate and anger and all those feelings out on him.

I was just really excited and I was like hey I’m gonna take a picture so I can post it and show everyone. It was just something that I, it made me really happy.


Taylor, who was helped by an accomplice, Sean Ball, described the violent and fatal attack, saying:

When I stabbed him I didn’t see anything and he just looked at me and he was like “what are you doing?” and as I was stabbing him, he had reached up and got my hair.

I continued to stab him but he kept yelling and it made me nervous so Sean took the crow bar, the tire iron or whatever, and hit him in the back of the head.


After committing the murder, Amanda went on the run with Ball, who she shot and left for dead. Ball has been convicted of second degree murder and sentenced to 60 yeas in prison.

In a series of interviews and social media posts, the troubled young woman revealed her obsession with murder and the terrorist group ISIS, whom she had tried to contact before being jailed.

Amanda herself had a history of mental health issues. She had reportedly tried to commit suicide following the death of her partner, Rex Taylor, with whom she shared a birthday on March 27.

In a disturbing symbolic ritual, Amanda killed Charles at 3.27pm in cold-blooded revenge after suspecting Rex’s drug use was caused by his father.

The loss of Rex and Charles is still mourned by the Taylor family.

Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen is available to view online.