Mysterious Trailer Shows What Game Of Thrones Would Look Like If It Was Set Now


Game of Thrones, for better or worse, is known as that medieval show with dragons and sex and weird stuff.

But what if it was just that show with dragons and sex and weird stuff, and wasn’t set in a medieval setting?

Well, wonder no more. A mysterious video has emerged online that looks like a trailer for ‘Westeros‘,  a TV series that is basically Game of Thrones but set in the modern day.

That means there are guns, there are TVs, there are drugs.

What the trailer does is show that the political manoeuvring that we see in the HBO show wouldn’t be so far fetched in a modern setting.

We’re introduced to Prime Minister Lannister who tells a captivated audience that there is definitely nothing beyond that wall.

Game of ThronesWesteros The Series

Seeing as though we have one political leader pushing for the erection of a massive wall, this really doesn’t seem far fetched.

We even see a shadow of a dragon gliding over a major city, which looks incredible.

As you can imagine, reactions to this video have been overwhelmingly positive.


The source of the video is as yet unknown, as the trailer was uploaded by the mysteriously named ‘Westeros The Series’.

The trailer’s production value is incredible that anyone would be mistaken for thinking that this was a real show making it’s way to screens in 2019.

Westeros The Series

Some people online are pointing to Jan Bohmermann as a source for the video, as he tweeted the video soon after the video hit YouTube.

The satirist also has a history of making spoof videos, including the controversial V for Varoufakis, a satire of Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis.

This could even play into the theory that Game of Thrones actually takes place in a post-apocalyptic world.

The theory explains that this is why Westeros has histories of extra long winters and incredible building structures but no apparent means to build them.

Maybe this trailer is the story of what happened to Westeros before whatever cataclysmic event happened before it became the world that we know and love.

Either way, it’s great fun to think about what that world would look like.

Make it happen HBO.