People Can’t Deal With Napoleon Dynamite Being All Grown Up

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People are shocked that their favourite despondent nerd Napoleon Dynamite is all grown up.

Although the cult classic film was originally released in 2004 – 12 whole years since Jon Heder took on the leading role – people are still surprised to see he’s morphed into a fully fledged man who can grow facial hair.

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The women of Twitter seem to think he’s hot shit now too, so long gone are Napoleon’s women troubles.

Although it’s over a decade since the film was released, Heder still regularly posts Napoleon Dynamite memes to his Instagram when he’s not hunting wolverines in Alaska with his uncle.

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The film amassed a huge cult following and still has a place in the hearts of many, including its leading man, apparently

Heder admitted a sequel isn’t absolutely off the cards, on BBC Music Get Playing, saying:

Nothing’s written on paper. It’s written in the stars. We have yet to translate the stars. But, who knows? It could happen. I feel that the stories of Napoleon aren’t completely over.

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As the internet has decided Heder is flame, we hope he’ll be reviving his dance moves.

Now, someone bring the man his chapstick.