Netflix Announces Age of Samurai: Battle For Japan, The Samurai Version Of Game Of Thrones

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If the end of Game of Thrones left a gaping hole in your life, Netflix is here to save the day with a historically-accurate show which is billed as a Samurai version of the epic drama. 

The new series, titled Age of Samurai: Battle For Japan, covers the conflict between kingdoms led by power-hungry warlords.


Sound familiar?

However, while the fight for power might be reminiscent of the events of Westeros, Age of Samurai is described as a docu-drama which will be educational as well as entertaining as it explores the warring kingdoms of feudal Japan.

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One of the main characters in the show is Date Masamune, a warlord who was given a very Thrones-esque nickname; ‘the One-Eyed Dragon’.


This wasn’t because he raised some one-eyed dragons, but rather because he supposedly plucked out his own eye to combat a smallpox infection. Masamune obviously wasn’t a man to be messed with and he proved that time and again, like when he murdered his younger brother to ensure his line of succession.

By 17, the warlord was in charge of his family’s clan and soon conquered neighboring clans to unite most of northern Japan under his control.

He fought alongside the three founding fathers of Japan; warlords who led armies of samurai against each other to unite the nation 400 years ago, Deadline report.


The One-Eyed Dragon is an iconic figure in Japanese history who has inspired numerous fictionalised depictions; he is even thought to be the inspiration behind Darth Vader’s iconic helmet.

Age Of Samurai is a co-production with Smithsonian Canada, commissioned from Canadian producer Cream Productions and with Simon George, David Brady, Kate Harrison and Matthew Booi as executive producers.

According to Real Sceen, Cream CEO David Brady said the show is ‘truly inspired by Japanese art and noir graphic novels’, suggesting the cinematography will be more adventurous than your average period drama.


He added:

It’s dark, moody and highly stylized.

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With its Japanese art inspiration and historically accurate storylines, the series sounds like it will truly take fans on an epic journey into the past.

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The show does not yet have an official release date but it is currently being filmed in Japan, the U.S. and Canada and is expected to air later this year.

Hopefully the new series will be the perfect bingeing material for everyone missing Game of Thrones.

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