Netflix Explains Hilarious Reason Too Hot To Handle’s Robot Is Named Lana

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 26 Apr 2020 16:53
Netflix Explains Hilarious Reason Too Hot to Handle's Robot Is Named LanaNetflix

Netflix has explained the real reasoning behind the name of famous Too Hot to Handle robot Lana, and, well, it’s just as cheeky as you’d expect.

While Love Island had mobile phones as a way of communicating with contestants, on the new dating show Too Hot to Handle contestants had an Alexa-esque robot named Lana ordering them around and chatting to them.


Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle has been the talk of the town since its release. With the premise of the show being that the show’s singletons had to abstain from all things sexual, Lana was the thing/person/robot to break the news to the contestants.

While the name of Amazon’s virtual assistant, Alexa, was apparently chosen because the letter ‘X’  helps the device recognise it is being spoken to, the name Lana was chosen for a much less technological reason.


Basically, if you spell Lana’s name backwards, that’s where you’ll find the inspiration for her name.


Sharing the revelation on Twitter on Friday, April 14, Netflix simply tweeted, ‘If you found yourself watching Too Hot To Handle and wondering where we got the name Lana from … reverse it.’

Classy Netflix. Classy.


Too Hot to Handle contestant Chloe Veitch has recently spoken about her time on the show, and said it opened her eyes to the fact ‘guys actually love sex’. She added: ‘I realised, ‘This is why they don’t text me back’. Once I’ve kissed someone, they don’t want to know.’

Speaking to The Sun, she added:

Everyone was having weird sex dreams every night in the shared bedroom. I dreamed I was in a massive sex room with all of the housemates. It was so odd.

I’m a very passionate and affectionate person and when I like someone I love to hug them, kiss them and hold hands with them, so it was a shock when we found out the rules.

To be told you can’t kiss someone you like was an added emotional hurdle and it did get to people and added stress.


Chloe also added how since leaving the show she’s remained single and while she’s been on a few dates, she hasn’t had any one-night stands.

The 21-year-old added:

I haven’t had any one-night stands since leaving the house. I have been on a few dates, but I’m happy being single now and feeling empowered. I’m still finding myself.

Girls, you don’t need a guy to value you, just respect yourself instead – it’s so important.


I think a lot of girls (including myself!) could do with taking a leaf out of Chloe’s book.

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